Love the progesterone

by MVP

You are the best for helping us women.Wray I am estrogen should I not eat soy product.or eat pastas that can spike my insulin.And if you have the flu can you still keep taking the cream..please help.

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Dec 31, 2009
Progesterone as the precursor of all other hormones
by: Louise

I am doing research still. And, wonder this.

If progesterone is the precursor of the rest of our hormones, and at menopause, our progesterone has reached nil... then without the progesterone manufacturing the other hormones too, how can we have such an "imbalance" or hormones (like high estrogen) - as all our hormones would be relatively low wouldn't they? As if for example we are excluding the effects of estrogens from plastics and environmental toxins, wouldn't both our progesterone and estrogen levels decline at the same time naturally? Are the professionals saying that the high estrogen is "all" derived from toxins and not from our bodies. Does this mean that from menopause onwards, we will have to deal with symptoms of high estrogens until pretty much we are elderly and die (unless we live in a toxic free environment)?

If this is so, why didn't I for example as a young woman, have symptoms of high estrogen - even though I lived in a polluted traffic congested suburb. My symptoms have only come about after the age of 40 years.

Jan 02, 2010
Love the progesterone
by: Wray

Hi MVP. Thanks for the kind words! And yes please stay clear of soy products, they contain phytoestrogen, you don't want more if you are oestrogen dominant! See these...
Mary Enig and Sally Fallon
Weston Price Foundation

The last thing you want to do is spike your insulin, it's best to keep insulin as low as possible, ie avoid all sugars, all grains, many fruits have too much sugar in them too. Please see this article. Please also see this page on insulin resistance.

Finally you can continue with the progesterone while you have flu, but if you have it it's probably because your vitamin D is too low. Please have a test done. Over 50% of us have a deficiency. In spite of living in California which has a sunny climate, most of us spend our time indoors and do not get enough sunlight. Take care, Wray

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