Lost in labyrinth of progestogen

by Io

Progestogen helped me so much but now I am lost in what is happening to my body and how I can navigate into a better place.

Background: I a 41 yr old male with cyclothymia -- a weak mood disorder which requires low level medication (lamictal and lithium). ALSO, Ive struggled with low-mid to low testosterone. This causes low libido, weak erections, mild A-cup manboobs (mild, not crazy), extreme difficulty gaining muscle, mild fat deposits around waste and belly, no "morning wood," hard time dealing with stress (severe anxiety issues), moody, and a bit weepy. As I am getting older, its getting a little worse. Lower testosterone has so much overlaps with a mood disorder that its easily brushed aside -- a male person can have both! At 38 yrs, my levels were 467 (which is average at 60 yrs) and at 41 yrs my testosterone was 326 (which is average for 70 yr old).

Event: Though my mood disturbances are very mild, many of my "signs" a mild disturbance starts is with sexual dysfunction -- I lose libido, my genitals actually feel numb, difficulty getting an erection, moody, felling sexually deadpan, and very low ejaculation volume. Ive struggled moderate ED as I get into my 40s. This year I had an abnormal episode, the first one big since 21 years old. Got bloodwork any t-levels were 326 which means most my hormones are severely off. People like me cannot take TRT as it will possibly end up with hospitalization. This summer I was suffering daily with no end in sight and desperate for anything.

Testing: After some pubmed research, I realized that hormonal imbalances could be a root of many of my issues across the board. Progesterone and Testosterone are low for anyone with a mood disorder no matter now severe. Also TRT has serious side effects, I thought that since I cannot directly fix my sex hormones, I can travel upstream and influence it. Also, I learned that I am exhibiting estrogen dominance which makes sense.
I found an article by David Mills using progesterone/pregnenolone to increase t-levels and also Doris King who stated that progesterone is a key hormone to stabilize mood and hormonal balance. I was coached to take as much progesterone as needed until my symptoms abated and my progesterone levels were restored. There is no doctor who will touch this subject so I had to test it on my own.

Results: Started taking progesterone between 40-60mg a day but my symptoms got worse. Realizing I had to break through the estrogen dominance, I increased the progesterone to over 125mg a day. Also, I already take 10k-15k ui vit D a day for years so my levels are fine. Took about 2-3 weeks before the estrogen dominance stopped but the mood disruption still was in play. Progesterone really helped stabilize me at 175-225mg a day. Since sex hormones were potentially the issue, I began applying some progesterone (60-75 mg of the 225mmg) to my scrotum and penis with great results. First my testicles and penis was no longer numb and both were notably larger due to increased bloodflow plus hormone replenishment. I had some incredible effects like my libido skyrocketed, erections were solid and lasting, and I started to look a slightly more muscular though I was not working out. Also, I was finally getting morning wood after years of feeling deadpan. I was also taking 100mg of pregnenolone every other day per David Mills (but did not take DAA as its linked to brain damage). I could get sexually simulated quite easily. Felt like a teen again and frankly -- I felt great! Was wondering to myself if this is what a normal guy feels like. My testosterones was probably around normal levels and my mood was steady. Was taking vit d, zinc, magnesium, NAC/PQQ/Col10 -- anything that could raise my testosterones or at least lower my cortisol which kills testosterone production.

Backlash: Though these were great results after 45 days of high doses, I started having chronic anxiety, severe severe severe memory issues/reasoning/cognitive, emotional sensitivity, and feeling all around uneasy. Could not find much information about too much progesterone but honestly, I questioned if I had too much. Now when I take ANY dose of progesterone, I lose my memory, get a bit anxiety/moody/uneasy. I had to stop taking progesterone altogether or I couldn't function. Also, my sex drive kept rising to the point where I wanted sex 1-3x a day and I could get a semi-erection just sitting. Sounds great, but in adult life, that's really inconvenient.

Query: My mood is now solid and Im quite productive since my progesterone was replenished. It was a real lifesaver. However, genitals are going back numb, morning wood is subsiding, libido is slowly dropping, and erections are becoming weak again. Also Im starting to develop fat deposits again, mild A-cup manboobs are returning slowly, and the slight muscular is leaving. In other words, I am slowly reverting back. With progesterone cream, I am where I think I should be physically, but now, after taking so much for 60+ days at various doses, even 15mg radically effects my cognitive states but taking no progesterone really effects my sexual issues. Memory is recovering as its a slow process but its an issue. I am still taking the 100 mg pregnenolone every other day.

1). What happened?

2). Did I take too much over time?

3). Is my body progesterone dominate and now I need to burn off the excess?

4). Is this the result of mixing progesterone plus pregnelone --am I taking too much of either hormone?

5). Is there a way to take the progesterone without the cognitive backlash (it is severe!) but also I can keep my higher t-level and sexual results?

Any help will be appreciated.

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Oct 25, 2021
Lost in labyrinth of progestogen
by: Justine

Hello Io,

Thank you for sharing your story.

Can we please clarify some things before we can assist further.

You say Progestogen has helped you, but this is not progesterone, the terms are misleading but progestogen is estrogenic and not the same as bio-identical progesterone. Could you tell us what progestogen it is you were/are using, or if that is a misspelling, what progesterone you were/are using, (concentration, make, delivery method)?

With regards to pregnenolone, it is the precursor to progesterone, If you are already taking progesterone there is no need to take pregnenolone. Pregnenalone is also the precursor to DHEA. DHEA can be a contributor to cyst formation, cancer and does not improve male sexual function.

Another thing that needs to be considered is your diet and lifestyle. What do you eat and are you doing any form of exercise?
What stressors are present in your life on a daily/weekly/monthly basis? Mood disorders can be chemically triggered but they do also usually have a root cause in some particular event or ongoing stress. Can you identify anything in your life that could be a contributing factor?

Another thing one needs to consider is the environment. What kind of environment do you predominantly find yourself in? what chemicals, toxins and additives are you exposed to regularly?

Please read the pages provided in the links below for further information and get back to us when you can.

Warm wishes,

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