Looking for natural progesterone cream that won't cause heart palpitations

by Lisa
(Orlando, FL, USA)

I am 50 years old have been using progesterone cream for many years from a compound pharmacy for PCOS. But lately I saliva tested very low for progesterone and am bleeding 3 weeks out of 4.

I believe in what you are saying about using a dose higher than 100 mg and am interested in using your cream. However I am also sensitive to vitamin E as in high concentrations it causes me to have heart palpitations. I recently purchased Progest and vitamin E is second ingredient on the list of ingredients and it caused palpitations in me.

I know your cream has vitamin E, but is it one of the first ingredients on the list or is it toward the end, indicating a lower concentration that I may be able to tolerate?

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Dec 11, 2017
Looking for natural progesterone cream that won't cause heart palpitations
by: Joy

Hi Lisa

I do not seem to recall anyone saying that vitamin E causes heart palpitations before. Everyone is different, what suits one may not suit another. I really can't say if the vitamin E in Natpro will affect you or not. Usually when not enough progesterone is used it can cause heart palpitations, but if you feel that it is the vitamin E, then only you can decide whether to continue with progesterone therapy or not. The order in which the ingredients are listed, has nothing to do with potency.

Progest has 900mg of progesterone concentration, Natpro has 2,000mg. Those using Progest usually need to adjust the amount used to equate to Natpro. I believe that this low amount also contributed to your heart palpitations.

PCOS require more between 100-250mg possibly more progesterone. Anti-inflammatory nutrients are also needed to help deal with the inflammation.

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