by carla

Hi Wray, I have a few questions about Natpro use. I have been using aprox. 400mg/day for aprox. 4 years now & am in my early 40s. I have been able to reduce at times to aprox.350mg/day. This has been ok, but when I try to reduce lower than that, within a few days I get symptoms back. My question is, can I stay on this amount of progesterone for as long as I need to, without any conflicting problems?? I also wanted to know if you have heard of women getting liver pain when lowering the cream? Also, do you have a good liver cleanse that you would recommend??I am curious if you have known women who have stayed on higher doses like this for long term & have been ok?? or come to a place where they eventually could reduce it.My final question is, I have tried to order Natpro for a while now & there is none in stock, do you know when there will be cream in? Thank you for all your help & encouragement to women! :)


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Nov 29, 2014
by: Wray

Hi Carla I've not found any evidence it's detrimental to us. I've used it now for 18 years, varying the amount to suit, also experimenting too. I've been up to 2000mg/day for 2 months, nothing untoward occurred, I certainly didn't turn green! Unfortunately I can't keep track of people's use, I wish I could. One woman did send this in, see here. I'm wondering though if your Vitamin D is too low. This would require you needing more progesterone, have you had it checked? I've not heard of liver pain on reducing progesterone. Are you reducing very slowly? i.e. 16-32mg per reduction and staying on that level for a few days. There are many other factors which could account for the high amount of progesterone you use. These are a few things which cause progesterone levels to drop, or to be less effective……
lack of or drop in Vitamin D
dark days, especially winter, probably because vitamin D drops in winter due to lack of sun
high oestrogen
high testosterone
low SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin), this binds testosterone and oestrogen making them inactive. SHBG drops due to consuming sugars, and all foods which convert to glucose, i.e. grains, legumes, sweet starchy fruits and veggies.
high LH
high FSH
high stress
high adrenaline (comes from Stress or excitement, and a drop in blood glucose), this stops progesterone entering the cells
sugars of any kind
large meals, because of the increased metabolic clearance of progesterone
alcohol, this reduces progesterone levels and increases the androgens, ie testosterone
high insulin
high level of phytoestrogens in the diet
oestrogenic herbs
oestrogen mimics or endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs)
Insulin Resistance
a defective luteal phase
high copper/low zinc
high prolactin

I've only really heard of one liver cleanse, which I have done only once, it's not the most pleasant of cleanses! The idea behind it is to remove gall stones if there are any. I luckily had none. I do have it written out ready to become a web page, but it's on the back burner at the moment. If you look up 'gall bladder cleanse' on the web you'll come across a few with instructions. One thing they all leave out as part of the protocol is taurine, it's essential for bile production. Take between 500-2000mg/day, gradually increasing the dose. Start taking this if possible at least 2 weeks or more before starting the cleanse. If insufficient taurine is eaten in the diet, the liver cannot make bile, this is not only essential for cholesterol excretion, but stones can accumulate. Taurine is not found in vegetables, only animal protein, i.e. meat, fish, chicken and eggs. The body can convert it from the amino acid cysteine, but if stressed or insufficient cysteine is eaten, taurine will be low. Taurine is essential for the heart, liver, eyes, cholesterol excretion, heart disease and blood sugar control. The stock outs are I think causing me more anguish than the women trying to buy it, apologies! I do know stock is going in, as we are making double batches. But it seems to be going out as soon as it arrives at the fulfilment house. We've just completed another double batch so stock should be arriving soon. Thanks for the kind words! Take care Wray

Nov 30, 2014
2000mg progesterone
by: Cindy

Hi Wray Cindy here and wondering what did you notice or experience when you used 2000mg of progesterone a day during this time period ?

Dec 01, 2014
2000mg progesterone
by: Wray

Hi Cindy The only thing I could pick up was feeling slightly calmer. I think coming from a position of no adverse symptoms, using more than I normally do didn't make much difference. Take care Wray

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