liver inflammation

by K

Hello and please forgive me for posting several times in a short span. Hoping some wise person can advise.

I took 200 mg progesterone cream for the month of January and 600 mg for the month of Feb and beyond. Today I woke up outrageously bloated, looking pregnant. The bloat begins just under my bra and extends through my whole abdomen. I visited a Chinese Medicine Doctor who says my liver is inflamed (or something around my liver). He advises a visit to the Western doctor and an ultrasound.

I am certain the western doctor will not approve of my progesterone cream and am writing for advice - is there ANY way the inflammation and bloating could be caused by the progesterone? I've done a little reading and it doesn't seem likely. My thinking is maybe my liver is working extra hard to clear all my excess oestrogen?

Just looking for a little reassurance so I won't be bullied by my doctor at tomorrow's visit.

Hope someone can offer some guidance and thanks in advance!

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Mar 10, 2016
Liver Inflammation
by: Joy

Hi K

I responded to one of your many posts, see here. To make it easier for all concerned, please would you keep the same thread going. Many thanks.

Please read the Stress page, it causes so many health issues. When stressed, a cascade of inflammatory cytokines are released, plus the three stress hormones cortisol, adrenaline and noradrenaline. It would certainly have an affect on the liver.

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