by bethany

Hi Wray. I recently discovered a quarter sized lipoma on my shoulder. I've scoured these pages and googled to see if lipomas might be caused my estrogen dominance. My research only turned up a few things that didn't seem too conclusive. What are your thoughts on it and/or your experience?

I scored 43 on the estrogen dominance that high or not? I do have a lot of the symptoms but those symptoms are also indicative of a whole host of other possible issues so what is one to think? I never get breast tenderness, no fibroids and/or cysts, no long periods, and they're usually right on time at 28 days. Those to me seem like the BIG issues that really indicate estrogen dominance and since I don't have those I hesitate to do what I'm doing, which is using 200-300 mg of progesterone cream a day! That has not helped (haven't done it for more than two weeks however!); should I increase or lower the amount or do something different entirely?? I know you usually say to increase but I'm sure as you know, that there's a wide variety of thought as to whether or not too much progesterone really is a good thing. I'm kinda afraid of throwing my body out of balance and making things worse or any of the other horrors that people on here have talked about from too much progesterone!

My background is that I'm 30 yrs old. I gave birth to my first child in nov. '11. Then I got pregnant (while still exclusively nursing) with twins and gave birth 19 months later in June. They were 100% breastfed until they were 9 months old and weren't fully weaned until 18 months. I lost all my pregnancy weight by the following March (9 months later) but then slowly and steadily put on 30 pounds within the following year! I have no explanation of why this happened! I'm at my heaviest weight ever (170ish lbs and I'm 5'10). I usually run around 145 lbs. My husband and I are active people and currently I'm working out 4 days a week to either Insanity or P90x (don't know if you know about those programs but they're really tough!). I've been doing this for 4 weeks and I've GAINED two pounds or so! I've always responded very well to exercise. My other symptoms would be, what seems like excessive hair loss; nasty looking, rough, dry heels. Lack of vaginal moisture (ever since I married my husband and became sexually active, we've always used lubricant; I just thought that was it not?!). I don't often ever get horny but I do enjoy sexual intercourse and always climax multiple times....does that count as loss of libido or since I do enjoy sex does it not? I'm tired during the follicular phase and generally feel pretty unmotivated and lethargic (why is that?) . My moods are worse then too. My most troubling "symptom" would be intense rage and anger at times. Why do I feel better in the luteal phase when my progesterone is at a lower level? Could that mean I'm low in estrogen?

Any input you could make into my mess would be greatly appreciated!

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