Lindsay Ambridge

I was sent this from Mike Nash from Aggressive health, after I was enquiring about supplements for anxiety and depression..

I see from the FAQ that progesterone can help with anxiety.
I have and am suffering with anxiety, even before all this virus situation.
I am 56 and whilst anxiety has been with me on and off a lot of my life I have always been able to maintain this and function. However these last 3 years have just become quite bad. I have tried several medications with horrible side effects and I want to go down a natural route.

Can you advise if you think this could be a possible product for me?

I have cleaned up my diet , no sugar, etc and eat organic foods as pure as possible as well as good filtered alkaline water .

Best wishes

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Jun 06, 2021
Lindsay Ambridge - Anxiety
by: Joy

Hi Lindsay

Yes I certainly do think that progesterone therapy will help you, it has so many.  Please read the Anxiety page.  Covid-19 certainly wouldn't have helped either.  You don't give much information about anything else but at 56 you could be in Peri-Menopause or Menopause, both can be torrid times for women and could be adding to your anxiety.

If you are wanting to go down the natural route which I agree with by the way, please read the How to use Progesterone Cream page.  Usually between 100-200mg of Natpro progesterone cream is needed, more if symptoms are severe.  Use half the amount in the morning and the other half at night.  Please also take note of Estrogen Dominance symptoms that you may experience.

I am pleased to see that your diet is good and thank goodness you have given up sugar, it is toxic.  Please make sure that your Vitamin D3 level is optimal as a deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone.  D3 together with the co-factors are also vital for protecting us against COVID-19 as they build our immune systems.  
All the best.

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