I have been put on vaginal Estradiol to help with I think severe dryness as I keep getting thrush like symptoms I am taking 20 micrograms at night started last Monday would I expect to see an improvement? I think possibly I have as I no longer feel that part of my body 24/7 and sex is no where near as scary to take part in, which has pleased my very understanding partner who is younger than me so should not be experiencing these issues at his youthful age but I'm worried that I am still niggling and have been using a moisturising gel to help but very worried about weight increase and also the health issues but mainly could this give me bad thrush again spent too many years suffering with this previously should I use progesterone as well as or instead of been given a prescription for a month
Thank you

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Jul 21, 2013
by: Wray

Hi Linda Although oestrogen is normally given to help dryness, I suspect it does so because initially it stimulates progesterone. This is an anti-inflammatory hormone whereas oestrogen is an excitatory, inflammatory hormone. For more info see our page on HRT. Progesterone is helpful applied in the vagina and around the vulva region due to this property. Candida is often exacerbated by oestrogen, as it increases the glycogen content of the vagina off which the fungi live. Oestrogen reduces the ability of vaginal epithelial cells to inhibit the growth of candida, and has been found to induce the conversion of candida from it's yeast form to it's mycelial form, the more virulent of the two. Caprylic acid, an extract from coconuts which suppresses and kills some pathogenic fungi, comes in tablets or an oil (MCT oil). I've found the oil very effective taken both internally and externally, rub it over the affected area. If you should use progesterone, please use sufficient. I normally recommend 100-200mg/day, more if symptoms are severe. Please watch for Oestrogen Dominance though. Consider eating a ketogenic diet, this reduces glucose levels off which the fungi live. This is a good site I've found here. Take care Wray

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