Lifetime hormonal problems?

by Anne

I'm 59 yrs old. My periods have ruled my life - painful, heavy, clots, prolonged dreadful fatigue, water retention. Hormones from the doctor didn't suit. As I got older I discovered I had fibroids and an ovarian cyst. I didn't trouble the doctors as they just offered hormones or tests for cancer which returned clear.

Pregnancy was aweful all three times. Dreadful nausea to the end and pre-eclampsia. Peri-menopause was worse than periods. Complete exhaustion, two days off work per month bleeding so heavily I didn't bother to get dressed. Iron tablets from the doctor.

At the time my periods stopped, 5 years ago my husband had a mental breakdown and a change of personality. Life has become terrible I considered divorce but hadn't the energy for the fight. No confidence, fear of everything, reluctance to go out, withdrawal from social activities, depression, weight gain, craving sweet stuff, couldn't sleep, thin hair, itching skin, fatigue. Unemployed as I have no confidence to get a job. Much more! Dreadful flushes and night sweats. I put all of this down to stress at home. Anti depressants gave marginal help.

I've had a constant smelly discharge, vaginal bleeding and a prolapsed womb which affects bladder and bowels. The latest diagnosis is thin lining of my womb which is very inflamed. I have been prescribed oestrogen pessaries. Apparently the treatment may improve the prolapse problem. I resisted full HRT.

Two weeks before starting the pessaries I started to use a natural progesterone cream, a pea size twice per day. I started to wake up but thought it was imagination. Another 2 weeks later and I am amazed.

I feel with each week I am waking up more. My confidence is much better, my energy levels are up, stress levels down. Flushes and night sweats improved. Thinking of getting a part time job next year to get me out. Feeling much happier in general even with moody lethergic miserable husband.

All this and apparently the cream you recommend is even stronger! Must try it!

The discharge is much improved. Is it the oestrogen or the progesterone? I'm told the oestrogen from the pessary is unlikely to enter my bloodstream. It will just treat the vagina and womb area.

On reading your website I realize that I've suffered all of my life for nothing. I've probably had a problem that could have been sorted with a cream! I now realise I may not even need the oestrogen pessary. The natural progesterone will balance my hormones. Wonderful! And no serious health risks!

I'm in the UK. Do I tell my doctor and maybe face ridicule or wrath or keep smuggly quiet?

I will see but I am just sooo pleased with my progress. I thought I would have had a longer wait to see any so can't wait to see further improvements.

I would recommend everyone to give it a go just in case it works for you!

Should I smear it on my husband's toast? lol

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Dec 25, 2009
Progesterone Spread... for breakfast?
by: Karen

How wonderful for you to start felling better Anne. If it works that well for you, then go right ahead and smear it thickly on your husband's toast! Nothing ventured nothing gained... ha ha.

Jan 08, 2010
Where do I begin?
by: Wray

Progesterone is what you needed, for the hyperemesis and preeclampsia. Dr Dalton, who practiced in Harley Street before her death, gave progesterone to her patients with these two symptoms, plus most of the others you mention! She used a high dose for severe symptoms. Use 200mg/day. It's difficult to say if it's the oestrogen or the progesterone helping the discharge. If it's caused by candida, then it'll be the progesterone, oestrogen exacerbates it. See here. Stress also exacerbates it! And you've had plenty, see here. The next paper points out that candida infection is an oestrogen dependent disorder. I would suggest putting some of the progesterone cream in your vagina every night. Progesterone is excellent for stress, as it calms us down. It activates the GABA receptor sites, GABA is one of our most calming neurotransmitters. Another very calming amino is taurine. Interestingly progesterone does help self esteem and confidence, Whatever method of delivery you use for hormones, it will be carried throughout the system, including the vaginal pessaries. Progesterone is not very effective taken orally, as most of it is destroyed by the gut and liver. You need to take about 5000mg/day of N-acetyl cysteine, it's a very powerful antioxidant, and should help the inflammation in your uterus. Although there are a few doctors who prescribe progesterone, they are few and far between, so I would keep quiet! As for your husband, progesterone is very bitter, so you could mix it with jam to mask the taste! Joking apart, progesterone is as vital for men as it is for women, rub it on him! Please see this. It sounds as if all his neurotransmitters have crashed. Please consider the amino acid tryptophan. Other nutrients which will help are tyrosine, inositol, vitamin B3, taurine, glycine. These all help depression, anxiety, anger, unstable blood sugar and more. Finally please have a vitamin D test done, it's very low in most people in the UK, in fact low in over 50% of us worldwide. Even in so called 'sunny' climes, as we spend too much time indoors, fully clothed. Many other nutrients can't work effectively without it. A deficiency leads to untold problems, please see this. Take care, Wray

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