Lee Anne

by Lee Anne
(Summer Shade, KY America)

Hi Wray, for the benefit of others I’d like to report some of the amazing results I’ve experienced after only 2 months of using Natpro. I started out at 100mg a day the first month and gradually worked up to 200mg a day. It’s been a slow and rocky recovery, but I’m hoping the progress I’m already seeing will encourage others who may have previously felt discouraged by entries of those who have used mega doses for months on end before any major progress.

I guess it’s helped that I’ve tried to live a fairly healthy lifestyle the past 10 years. Yet, I’ve still had a rough way to go. For one I’ve had four sons, the last 2 being twins, and after that a tubal ligation and severe stress from a devastating divorce and juggling home and college for years on end before remarrying. I’m 43 now and had been using small doses of progesterone from another brand for years, which seemed to help until I turned 42. All symptoms became unbearable---hot flashes, depression, anxiety, insomnia, etc. all became worse. My mother and grandmother went thru “the change” at 42 and have been on anti-depressants since with devastating results, so I decided to try the high dose Natpro and am glad I did.

I’m sleeping like a baby now, less hot flashes, no night sweats, and normalizing blood sugar. I still have a slight down feeling occasionally but not the clinical type depression I was having. I have much less anxiety and no crawling feeling under my skin anymore. No more shakes, tremors or muscle twitching. I no longer have a feeling of extreme desperation and despair. I’ve also been getting my energy back after being practically bedridden from days 1-14 of each monthly cycle….for at least 6 months.

And Wray, I’ve saved the best for last…..NO NAUSEA AND VOMITING so far!!!! My appetite is still a little less than I’d like, but the raw milk smoothies and kefir with berries provide all my amino acids and are truly a blessing that’s helped me keep my weight up. I even ate some breakfast this morning!!! I’d not been able to eat breakfast for months!! Especially not while on my period!! This is amazing to me.

I’ve also been taking the EstroSMart Plus for a month now and went off my multivitamin that had copper in it. I’m also taking your advice and started Lugal’s Iodine (2 drops a day) a month ago, so hope to report back soon that my breast cysts and fibroadenomas have disappeared, God willing.

I also try to go by the Paleo diet plan and I use magnesium oil and B complex. Lemon balm 2-3 x a day helps also, along with Bugleweed once a day for an overactive thyroid. I drink cranberry juice for vitamin K and C and use 20,000iu of Vit D3 a day. I also try to get plenty of sun on my spine every chance I get and walk 2-3 hrs. a day with my 9 year old beagle hound.

I’m even beginning to feel creative again. I’m a writer and visual artist and hope to get back to what I love. So if you ever want artwork for a book cover, let me know, because I have a feeling that someday you will be led to write your own book on the benefits of high dose progesterone and how it works synergistically with all the other things we need to fulfill our days with joy. Thanks again Wray.

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Oct 22, 2013
Lee Anne
by: Wray

Hi Lee Anne Bless you for this news! I'm actually amazed, as you had a multitude of severe symptoms, and yet the 100mg, slowly increasing to 200mg/day actually helped you. I know I urged you to go high initially, which can be quite daunting, but at least you've found relief from so many symptoms on the 200mg/day. And after only two months. For those that might be interested, this is the link to one of your other pages giving a list of your symptoms. It does help to be healthy, and eat well too. But the best news, that I find hard to believe! I told you about Vivi in Denmark having to go to 1000mg/day to stop her vomiting, and you only needed 200mg/day. There's really no rhyme or reason why this should be so, beyond the fact we're each so different. It does make my life hard though! I cannot advise how much will be needed, it really is trial and error experimenting to find out. Would be interested to hear if the Lugol's helps you, I'm currently taking 5 drops per day to get my level up. Not because of sore breasts, but I think my thyroid needs it. The Paleo Diet is good, another is the Ketogenic Diet. Both avoid grains, legumes and dairy, but I prefer the keto diet as it has a much higher fat content than the paleo, which I feel we all need. Glad you're getting the sun, so important. It not only makes vitamin D on our skin, which most of us know, it also makes nitric oxide. There have been thousands of studies on NO, it's the cells main defence, it keeps arteries clear of debris, it reduces blood pressure if high, it helps our brains function, too many things to go into here. Suffice to say it's vital to health and well being. Most of us have low levels, although the studies don't look at this aspect. It's generally believed the main source is the conversion of arginine to citruline which releases NO. I suspect if they looked further, they'd find the skin is our major source, see here. I particularly liked the ending of the paper "In conclusion, harnessing the power of the sun for our health may not stop at the production of melatonin and vitamin D, but include pathways under control of NO.....cautious bodily exposure to sunlight would seem to provide cardiovascular benefits. The future is bright—let a little sunshine into your heart." And it was written by a dermatologist, those who tell us to stay out of the sun! I'm so delighted your creative side is coming back again, it does take such a knocking. More so than our other abilities. My brother has been urging me to write a book for years now! I have started, but too many interruptions, I will let you know if it's ever finished! Take care Wray

Oct 22, 2013
Thanks wray
by: Lee Anne

I just knew a book was in the making and hopefully I can be one of those success stories. I forgot to add that I'm also taking your advice about the Real Salt in water to help my stressed adrenals. I've just recently had two family members (who are both on anti-depressants)to develop psychotic spells with dementia. Turns out that most anti-depressant drugs cause sodium deficiency, which they've both been diagnosed with during these mental spells. I find this very interesting. You may be onto something with the salt thingy.
I've also been drinking homemade organic chicken broth (24hrs. of simmering)and dandelion root and red raspberry leaf tea. They all seem to help my gallbladder, which I'm led to believe has caused a lot of my nausea.
There's scientific proof excess estrogen causes gallbladder problems.

I would have tried the CarnoSoothe but I didn't suspect I had H.Pylori because I'd been taking oregano oil for 3 years, which kills it. But I'm off that now and trying to give my liver and gallbladder a break, especially since the iodine is probably detoxing me as well.

Maybe your friend Vivi can be helped by some of these things too, especially the raw cow milk. You'll be amazed at the results Mayo clinic has had with using it for terminally ill patients, even those with diabetes.I also take one tablespoon of raw cow milk colostrum a day now.

I'm doing all I know to do to stay away from the medical establishment, which has become so corrupt. And you dear Wray have been a true God-send on this search for a cure. Who would have thought?? Progesterone deficiency -----the root of so many diseases!!

I guess it's because we live in such a fallen and stressful world. But thank God there's hope when He grants us the wisdom, mercy and deliverance we so desperately need thru Jesus Christ.
God bless

Oct 23, 2013
Thanks wray
by: Wray

Hi Lee Anne Oh yes. I've just been reading Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health, and the author has scattered throughout the book his success stories. There's no doubt it makes an impact on the reader. Interesting about the salt deficiency your relatives have, the adrenals need sodium, particularly if stressed. Because our body is so intertwined, if the adrenals are stressed it impacts on every aspect of our health, including mental. The irony is we've all been told to reduce salt intake! This is a very interesting paper here about salt. He's very anti-oestrogen too. Yes, oestrogen does impact adversely on the gallbladder, the liver too. Raw milk has many healing benefits, unlike the plastic version we're sold in shops. I must look up the Mayo Clinic studies on raw milk, thanks for that. It is unfortunate the medical profession has become so divorced from what health is about. Luckily there are increasing numbers who are realising health does not lie with drugs, but with nutrients. Like the cardiologist who wrote Wheat Belly. A neurologist has written a book called Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth about Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar--Your Brain's Silent Killers. We just need more of them! Blessings to you too, take care Wray

Nov 04, 2013
by: Lee Anne

Hi Wray,
I was doing so good, but now I have a question. I've been having a very light period, with a few clots for 18 days now. Should I just let this continue and wait it out until it balances itself out, since I've only been on the Natpro for about 3 months now? Or should I lower my dose---I'm currently up to about 240mg. a day and have been using Natpro without a break.

Could this be happening because I went over 200mg. a day, which may have kept me from producing any of my own progesterone??

Thank you so much for your continued support. I look forward to hearing from you again.

Nov 06, 2013
by: Wray

Hi Lee Anne Continual bleeding is my bane, particularly when it comes out of the blue. So many women get this, that I eventually found a protocol which helps most of them. It’s not a question of more or less progesterone, although you could alter the amount you’re using as you see fit. But of taking NAC, taurine, vitamin D and the bioflavonoids. There’s more info about these on our Menstruation page. I know you’re taking a good dose of vitamin D, do you know your current level? All the nutrients listed above help control and reverse inflammation, strengthen capillaries lining the uterus, and in doing so generally the bleeding stops. Let me know if it helps you. Take care Wray

Nov 06, 2013
Upped Progesterone
by: Lee Anne

Thanks again Wray. I've done some research on the cysteine and the side effects scare me, I may have to pray about that more.
I've gone ahead and upped my Natpro to 410mg. starting today, because when I upped it to 240 mg. the estrogen dominance symptoms have become terrible. The hot flashes have been coming almost every hour, nervousness, insomnia (again), mild depression, etc.
I'm just truly tired Wray. I just hope and pray I won't bleed even more on such a high amount, is that possible?? How long can a woman bleed and still be ok?

At least I'm not really nauseas, but I still have no appetite. I'm still drinking a lot of raw milk smoothies to keep my weight and energy up. I've read that the raw milk even has natural cysteine in it, so hoping that's what's keeping the bleeding from being too heavy at least.
The hot flashes are supposed to go in 4-5 days on this amount, but what about the bleeding?

I'm beginning to wonder if I should go on some kind of estrogen for a while to bump up my progesterone receptors to get quick relief. But what stops me is thinking it won't be long-term relief and that's what I'm going for with the progesterone. I'm still very hopeful. I just pray the Natpro won't be hard to order over the holidays!! Especially now that I've upped the dose to 410 mg.

Nov 06, 2013
Upped Progesterone
by: Wray

Hi Lee Anne Please don’t read blogs. Another women said exactly the same as you, she’d read about the side effects of cysteine. That was one study and it was done on rats, it’s never been replicated in humans. I take in the region of 3000mg/day, via a complex we make, and in my water bottle. If you want further reassurance, go on PubMed it has 14,493 studies on NAC! If it was that ‘dangerous’ it would not be used. And if you insist on not using it then take the others I mentioned. A lack of taurine leads to endometrial cancer, cystic endometrial hyperplasia, fibromyoma (fibroids), and dysfunctional uterine bleeding, see here. The paper is on the menstruation page I gave you. When you started this page, you said everything was calming down and you were using 200mg/day, what made you increase it? Please check your vitamin D level again, it could be this is all you need and not more progesterone. Take care Wray

Nov 06, 2013
Thank you
by: Lee Anne

Thanks for this info. I'm not trying to be difficult, I'm just having a difficult time.
I upped the dose because I was already getting hot flashes again and noticed you suggested this to me earlier and many others who have continual bleeding. Have you changed your stance on the 400mg.? Sorry I'm so confused.
When you say to use it hourly, does that mean something like 1/8 tsp. every hour or so? Or should I go back down to 200mg. and try to tough out the ED symptoms longer, instead of getting rid of them quicker with 400mg....hopefully within days?

Nov 08, 2013
Thank you
by: Wray

Hi Lee Anne I know you are having difficult time, although I’m puzzled when you were doing so well. But why would I change my stance after doing this for 17 years and advising thousands of people? There are so many things which cause progesterone to drop and symptoms to come back, please read through this list and see if any has occurred with you…..
lack of or drop in vitamin D
dark days, especially winter, probably because vitamin D drops in winter due to lack of sun
high oestrogen
high testosterone
low SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin), this binds testosterone and oestrogen making them inactive. SHBG drops due to consuming sugars, and all foods which convert to glucose, i.e. grains, legumes, sweet starchy fruits and veggies.
high LH
high FSH
high stress
high adrenaline (comes from Stress or excitement, and a drop in blood glucose), this stops progesterone entering the cells
sugars of any kind
large meals, because of the increased metabolic clearance of progesterone
alcohol, this reduces progesterone levels and increases the androgens, ie testosterone
high insulin
high level of phytoestrogens in the diet
oestrogenic herbs
oestrogen mimics or endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs)
insulin resistance
a defective luteal phase
high copper/low zinc
high prolactin

Continued below

Nov 08, 2013
Thank you Part 2
by: Wray

Hi Lee Anne If you think any could apply to you, it could be the reason your symptoms came back. I don’t object to people using high amounts, many do. But I would prefer it if other factors are looked at first, before increasing. There’s no harm in high amounts, except to the pocket! By hourly I mean dividing the daily amount up into smaller amounts to apply every hour. If using 400mg/day, 1ml of cream would be a better amount, 1/8tsp is too small, 1ml is a 5th tsp. this would give you 12 applications during the day. I have found in many women progesterone alone won’t stop the heavy bleeding, the protocol I gave you needs to be taken too. A lack of vitamin K2 also causes heavy menstrual bleeding, you could add that to the protocol too. Let me know if any of the above could be affecting your symptoms. Take care Wray

Nov 09, 2013
Thank you
by: Lee Anne

Hi Wray, thanks for your continuing help. Lord in heaven knows I need it.
I think the continuing bleeding has caused stress in my life and therefore a viscious cycle. I do think inflammation plays a part, because when I took some acetamenaphen for a migraine a few nights ago, the flow really slowed down, but I can't take that everyday.
I've been taking quercitin twice a day, some turmeric, red rasp. leaf tea, glutathione (what cysteine converts to) sublingual twice a day.

I've also been taking a vit. K2 sublingual after finding out I was supposed to take that with all the Vit. D3 I take.

Some friends have suggested to me to have a Novasure procedure done if this bleeding doesn't stop. Do you know much about it?

I've been on 400mg. of prog. the past few days but it doesn't seem to be helping, in fact I feel swimmy headed now. Should I go down again?
How much K2 do I need to take when I'm taking 10,000ius of Vit D3 a day?

My estrogen level must still be high. I've read that raw cows milk is a phytoestrogen, but it also contains progesterone, but since it's more unstable, I may be getting more estrogen.
The problem though is that I have to have it to live on right now because of my stomach and lack of appetite.
The bleeding is now very heavy, moderate maybe. Should this be ok. Could it just be because I use the cream thruout my period?
I've also been wondering. Since progesterone seems to be so unstable and affected by absolutely everything, isn't it dangerous to be on such a high level that can cause PND if I can't constantly keep the level up??
I know I've asked a lot of questions---maybe I should list them to make it easier:
1. How much Vit. K with D
2. Novasure procedure?
3. How has progesterone caused an inflammatory reaction in my uterus by using it thru my period?
4. Post Natal Depression risk??

Nov 15, 2013
Thank you
by: Wray

Hi Lee Anne You have me baffled, your thinking is very confused. Of course inflammation plays a part in the bleeding, which is why I asked you to take that protocol, but it seems you’re not. It’s helped many, why not you. Did you look on PubMed for the studies on NAC, all 14 plus thousand. It’s pointless taking glutathione, it’s a tripeptide, i.e. a protein so is broken down in the gut, and if you’re lucky some might leak through. The reason for taking the NAC, glutamine and glycine too, is they are the three precursors to glutathione, i.e. they will raise levels. Dr Cannell’s formula contains 5000iu to 10,000iu vitamin D with 800mcg vitamin K2. Uterine ablation does work, but surely if you can treat the problem naturally it’s a better way to go. Cow milk is cow’s milk, it’s not a plant, so it’s not a phytoestrogen, but as they eat grass it does contain them. Meat does too, all oils do, nuts, grains, legumes, leaves, in fact there isn’t a food we eat which doesn’t. I have said before progesterone alone won’t stop the heavy bleeding in many women, it does need help. I don’t understand what you mean when you say progesterone is unstable. And how can it cause post natal depression? Progesterone is an anti-inflammatory, how can it cause inflammation? Take care Wray

Nov 17, 2013
by: Lee Anne

Hi Wray, thank you for your consistency. As a result I have ordered the NAC. It may be 2 wks. before I get it, but am willing to try it. Is there anything I need to take with it?

I've been using 3-4 glutathione sublinguals a day, quercitin, red rasp. leaf and dandelion root tea, Estrosmart Plus (w/vitex),Cod liver oil, Vit.D 10,000----and several 100mcg of Vit.K, which really seems to help.

I've also began eating greens everyday in my smoothies. I know that sounds gross, but I'm in survival mode at this point.
The flow is down to barely spotting now, but it's still been 31 days of bleeding/spotting, which is very disturbing. I'm taking 400mg. of Natpro a day. I try to use it every other hour.

Unfortunately, the hot flashes have become worse, hopefully that's temporary because
I truly have to draw the line at 400mg. a day, due to finances. I can't afford to stay on this amount for very, very long.

Do you think things will even out soon on this amount? If not, I will have to go to plan B, whatever that is! I'm really trying to hang in there Wray, because I'm convinced I'm at least on the right track.

Hope to update again within the next month, God willing.

You take care too Wray and may God richly bless all your efforts to help so many suffering women like me. In Christ Jesus, Lee Anne

Nov 17, 2013
by: Lee Anne

Hi Wray, Sorry I forgot to go over those questions. The reason I asked about the inflammation is because I've never had the bleeding problems until I began the Natpro. I'm assuming it's stimulating the estrogen so much that's it's caused this irregular bleeding??
As for PND, I'm not saying progesterone directly causes it, I'm just saying that there seems to be a risk of being on a third-trimester amount that I can't seem to keep at the same level. I'm wondering if this is causing me such an emotional rollercoaster with my body thinking it's in third-trimester pregnancy one day and first trimester the next, due to my fluctuating hormones.
Progesterone seems unstable due to it being so affected by so many different things. Too bad estrogen can't be that sensitive to stress. I wish estrogen would drop instead of rise every time something went off kilter!!
It's just so strange being on this hormonal rollercoaster, that I've never experienced before. Before Natpro things just seemed more predictable. But so much has improved that I'm willing to ride this out.

Nov 19, 2013
by: Wray

Hi Lee Anne I think I get your drift! Yes it can be a roller coaster, so many women use that word. Have you looked over the Hot Flushes page again, you might pick up something there. Some women find getting their magnesium up helps, it is after all the most important cofactor for vitamin D. If that’s low it will mean the vitamin D doesn’t get a chance to work well. Some have found getting their B vitamins up helps, resveratrol helped one woman. All the things you need to take with the NAC I gave you on the 6th of November. Plus I gave you the link to the Menstruation page where you’ll find more info, please read it. Please have a vitamin D test done, we’re working in the dark with your level. Take care Wray

Nov 20, 2013
Continual Bleeding
by: Joy

Hi Lee Anne

I have just read your thread to Wray on continual bleeding. It is vital that you follow the advice given by Wray. She has dealt with this symptom for years now and knows what she is talking about.

I have recently helped a customer with similar symptoms to yours, she did exactly as I suggested which is Wray's heavy bleeding protocol and within a month her bleeding has stopped. She is feeling extremely well and absolutely delighted with the outcome, so much so that she asked if she could stop taking it. My advice to her was NO. One month on the protocol may have helped her, but the heaving bleeding will return as her body needs to adjust. Only after 3 months can one consider reducing it or stopping the aminos and vitamins, NEVER the Natpro or Vitamin D. The Natpro can be reduced, but only once symptoms have cleared.

Here is the protocol which needs to be followed exactly as stated:

* Natpro - 400mg to 500mg/per day
* N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) - 2000mg/per day
* Taurine - 2000mg/per day
* Vitamin D - 5000iu's/per day more if vitamin D level is low.
* Bioflavanoids - 1000mg/per day

I noticed your concern about NAC, well I have been taking it daily for 3 years now with no side effects, it is one of the strongest anti oxidants going and is also good for hair, skin and nails.

Please I urge you to follow this protocol otherwise you really are wasting your time.

Hope this helps and good luck.

Nov 21, 2013
by: Lee Anne

Thank you so much Joy. I am taking Wray's advice and have not been bleeding/spotting or anything for about 3 days now.
I've been on Natpro 400mg. daily
Vitamin D---10-15000iu's a day and I've been getting at least 30 minutes of sun a day
Bioflavonoids (quercitin) 1000mg. a day
Taurine--I've been getting tons of protein in my raw milk smoothies and greens (vitamin K2)
Vit K2 sublinguals
Glutithione sublinguals
Vitamin A--10,000ius a day
Brewers Yeast
Cod Liver oil
and all other vitamins including magnesium oil
I've also order NAC
All I can say is I'm doing all I know to do and it's been such a rollercoaster, but I'm trying to just hang in there, waiting upon the Lord to heal me, God willing.
Hope to report back soon
Thanks again for this site that has helped me so much.

Nov 22, 2013
by: Joy

Hi Lee Anne

Well first off, my mind did a double flip at the amount of vitamin A you are taking!! Do you know that it becomes toxic. We are are getting enough in our food, no need to supplement. You are taking 10 000ius plus the huge amount in the cod liver oil. I urge you to stop taking it, this is NOT good!! It is inhibiting the uptake of vitamin D. See here, here and here.

Cod Liver Oil - also contains about 4000iu vitamin A, and generally about 400iu vitamin D, not a good option.

Taurine - are you taking a supplement as I am quite sure that raw milk does not contain the required amount needed. How much raw milk are you drinking a day? Have you got research papers advising that it does, if so, please would you mind posting it and this would be useful to us.

Glutithione sublinguals - are you aware that this gets destroyed in the gut? It is a tri-peptide, so like any protein it will be broken down into the three aminos it is made of……cysteine, glutamine and glycine.

I am pleased to hear that you have now ordered the NAC, it is amazing, but the total and exact protocol is needed.

Hope this helps you further.

Nov 25, 2013
Thank you
by: Lee Anne

Thanks for your concern Joy, it is truly appreciated. I realize there's contradictory studies on Cod Liver oil, just as there is on progesterone. I just try to keep an eye out for toxic symptoms.

The same goes for Vitamin D. If enough vitamin A (carotenoids) are not taken, as well as K2, the vitamin D has negative effects, such as calcium depositing in soft tissues, kidneys, etc.

The 10,000iu's I take of Vitamin A is not retinyl palmitate, but beta-carotene. And the only major side effect it can have is yellowing of the skin if taken in large doses, which is supposedly harmless. But most vitamin D promoters discourage even beta-carotene, at the expense of many ending up with calcium deposits in their body.
Our bodies are just so complex and studies so contradictory, sometimes all we can do is pray that our Creator will have mercy on us and sanctify whatever we put in our mouths.
I pray for wisdom almost everyday now it seems, because I'm constantly learning how ignorant I really am!!
I'm also still going thru a lot of trial and error concerning the Natpro and the Lugals iodine I was taking. I had gotten up to 3 drops a day and felt so hyper I could barely breath. I stopped taking it a few days ago and am beginning to feel more calm already. It may have just been detox symptoms, but it also may have been due to my thyroid being hyper. ??? Only God knows!!
I'm still hanging in there you all!! But only by God's grace!
I've still been having terrible hot flashes, so bad I sometimes feel my head will blow off. But I've been trying to stick with just the 400 mg. because everything else seems to be improving, and still no bleeding. Only an occasional brown discharge that goes as soon as I apply enough progesterone.
Thank you for this site to document my progress and to vent---because no one else understands what I'm dealing with concerning this system. Most think what I'm doing on such a high dose of progesterone is extremely risky. I understand their concerns, but I'm thinking more long-term and how risky it would be NOT to go with this system. I'm going for the goal---full-recovery--not just some temporary fix.
The tide is high---but I'm moving on. And hopefully someday I can be your number one---success story. Thanks again.

Jan 07, 2014
by: Lee Anne

Just to touch base on how my progress is going with Natpro. Words can’t describe how thankful I am for God’s mercy thru this---one of the hardest things I’ve ever been thru.

Only by a miracle of God’s grace have I kept from being anemic and institutionalized! I went a whole month without bleeding after that last episode and then bled again, but only for about 19 days, rather than the 30-50 days before. I know the progesterone is helping me tremendously, but I’ve had to be extremely patient with it.

I really prayed about Joys advice and decided to go completely off the cod liver oil that had retinyl A and just eat more fish. I even went off the liquid multi-vitamin that had all the A (Beta Carotene) I’d been on for 3 years due to its 2mg of copper. Instead I just take brewers yeast to help with hypoglycemia and I’m trying to eat more vitamin A foods. The big thing is that I’ve upped my zinc intake and I’ll tell you why.

I spent the holidays in what I felt was a complete relapse; severe depression, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia and severe nausea. I felt so discouraged and even wondered if I should stick with the 400mg of progesterone. But I prayed and prayed the Lord in heaven would grant me wisdom and show me what I needed to do.

I got back on this site and found your info. page for those of us who need more carbs and also info on copper toxins being released into the liver and kidneys once the progesterone crème begins to really suppress the estrogen that causes the copper toxicity. Realizing my liver and kidneys were probably congested with an overload of toxins (mainly copper), I immediately I upped my dandelion root tea, took NAC to support my liver, extra C, zinc and Ezekiel bread to help eliminate toxins thru my bowels and I stayed on the 400mg of progesterone.

After a few days I had 2 black bowel movements and immediately began to feel better. I also began to pass tons and tons of clots and had severe, almost constant hot flashes. After that I had a very light (but long) period that just ended a few days ago, but no cramping.

The depression is now completely gone, no anxiety, sleeping wonderful, milder, occasional hot flashes, no low sugar attacks and feel almost normal again. The tide is high, but I’m moving on!!

Thank you again for being here Wray, most of all I thank God for you.

Jan 10, 2014
Wonderful News
by: Joy

Hi Lee Anne

Such wonderful news that you are feeling so much better. It can take time to find the correct amount of progesterone cream to use. It is not an overnight fix as you well know. Thank you for trusting us and for persevering!

In some cases progesterone can't work magic all on it's own. Diet plays a huge part and of course depending on symptoms, amino acids maybe need too.

Then of course never forget Vitamin D!! :)

Take care.

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