"Leave sparks wherever you go" Buddha Doodles, Imagine the Possibilities

by Jules van Schalkwyk
(Connecticut USA)

And she really has - left sparks of love, generosity, wisdom and reassurance.

I first met Wray Whyte when we were young mothers, dealing with the challenges of small children and “how to do it right”. Neither of us realized that we were wrestling with the PND demons, and would jolly one another along with the humour and love young mothers seem to have for one another. As the years passed I climbed out of the pit, but Wray’s struggle was relentless. We watched our children grow up into lovely young adults, and celebrated their successes and mourned their challenges, all the while leaning on one another for support and reassurance.

Wray had moved away from the city where we all lived, and our contact was sporadic but faithful. Wray’s struggles with depression and anxiety got worse and worse – and then she discovered the wonders of Progesterone. The transformation was extraordinary! She came to share the new improved Wray with me, and the joy of rediscovering who she really was. This coincided with my no-fun helterskelter into peri-menopause.

As before, Wray was there with love and support, but this time she was armed with a solution to my panic and confusion. Quite apart from being my darling friend, confidant and partner in discovery, she has been one of the kindest most caring warriors for women in the hormonal symphony of life, and has taught me so much. I am so grateful for her constant presence in my life, and hope with time I can come to accept her passing with grace and joy.

Today that seems to be very hard. I send love to her family and friends.


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