Late response to: Progesterone is poison to my body?

by Denise

My original post seemed to have been deleted or disappeared. I want to write in response and be heard:

Apr 02, 2014
To Carol k
by: Denise

I guess I should have prefaced, that I started out on a large dose 8 years ago (in my 30's) using a compounded cream. I took it for 8 long months. The ONLY benefit? I wanted to attack my husband 24/7 (not sure if that is a benefit). I have tried all modalities and delivery methods. Please don't be rude. I am well versed. Just frustrated that no dosage level, titrated up or down to the tiniest dose, or delivery, has worked.

By the way...I am in no way knocking bio P for others. I think it's wonderful that many find relief. I have, in fact, touted it to others, including my own mother, for years!!! My post is...why not me? Listen, I ran a board on yahoo for years, helping people with thyroid issues. I'm here to find an answer to this madness. I'm 42 years young and have been battling pitifully low progesterone shortly after having my second child, so about 10 years. I have desperately tried to balance all hormones, deficiencies, adrenals, etc... To get this under control. My thyroid is the only thing I have been good at keeping relatively optimal (I say relatively as hashi's loves to wax and wane). I know that my vitamin D is best around 60-70, ferritin 70+, b12 over 500. I have taken rhodiola, pregnelelone, vitex, DIM (yikes, not good for me when the estrogen is now dropping now), the list goes on. I'm desperate. I've gone gluten free even, despite zero gluten antibodies on all four tests. Now that I'm 42, I'm crashing even harder. I have skipped periods, 2 week periods when they are here. It's a living nightmare. Now I have zero libido and well, what's an orgasm? The progesterone is clearly an issue: however, I cannot handle it in an form or dose. WHY???

Apr 02, 2014
Wow, just read all the comments
by: Denise

First, I am just Denise, not anonymous. Just me. Desperate me! I can't believe what all I just read. I stumbled, yes stumbled here. Had NO IDEA it was for particular progesterone users only. Soooooo sorry! Grab a gun and shoot me now. Geesh! So rude! I know for me, on high levels of compounded progesterone cream it made me a bitch. Something I am typically not. Scary! Maybe you are all on too much because let me tell you, I have never seen so much bitchiness and meanness before. How disheartening when I was at an all time low and grasping for anyone to tell me I'm doing something thing wrong and that you might have a simple solution, that yes, this well versed lady may have overlooked. My children need me. My husband needs me and THIS is the backlash I get for accidentally stepping into the wrong forum?? Shame on you all!

You all do not know me at all, and to make snap judgements is just wrong. Shall I list to you what I do to help my hormonal mess? I don't use fluoride, I eat organic 75% of the time. I rarely drink alcohol now. I use all natural creams and beauty products. I don't walk outside in bare feet in case I step on pesticides or fertilizer. I try to stay away from plastics (certainly never cook with them in the microwave). I could go on and on about how overboard I go in maintaining homeostasis. My kids think I'm nuts. Don't judge me or assume I don't do as much as I can for my health. I feel like I need a sincere apology from you people. Just, disgusting how you tout yourselves as wanting to HELP out of the goodness of your hearts, "praise God" B.S. and then attack someone who is totally in despair. Hope you all have a great day!

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Apr 03, 2014
Late response...
by: Diane

Denise... Contact Dr Michael Platt at
He is retired but still does consults in Palm Springs, Ca and via skype. Your health issues seem to be far greater than just not being able to tolerate progesterone. You may truly need other hormones to balance levels. I do not know what the responses were to your original post but I've never encountered anyone that is the way you describe. All genuinely want to help and mean well. Dr Platt has a book called THE MIRACLE OF BIOIDENTICAL HORMONES. Read his book first so that you can decide if he is someone that may be able to bring you relief.. Call his office and get details on how to get consult, labs etc.. He may be able to help you. You need the benefit of an Interal Medicine DR who is integrative.
I wish you well.

Apr 03, 2014
Late response to : Progesterone is poison to my body?
by: RJ

Hello Denise!
You're comment was not deleted as I wrote to you yesterday in regard to your responses and I read my post this morning to you and today is April 3rd. I won't post any more to you after this. All I want to add is you do a lot of things to keep your body healthy and chemical free....the biggest thing that will help your body, mind, soul and heart is the allowance of our Lord in your life. My hope is you find Him and ask Him to help you with your troubles. He can and will do for you if you accept and ask Him. Inner peace can bring so much harmony to our body and souls and will allow all the natural remedies we are taking to finally help and give relief. God Bless! RJ

Apr 03, 2014
Progesterone is poison to my body.
by: Joy

Hi Denise

Your previous post has not disappeared or been deleted - see here.

Take care.

Apr 04, 2014
by: Peny

Hello Denise sounds like you are having a horrid time of it, I cant comment om what was said as I haven't read it (or found it). Have you had testing lately on where your hormones are at,bloods and saliva? I'm sorry I can't give any ideas on why progesterone is not working for you, do you have any problems with methalation and do you know your copper, heavy metal levels, I'm 46 and going through the same nightmare except the progest is helping me, I cant believe this peri menopause crap is normal, it should not be this bad I am talking to so many women that are going through it so you are not alone, I don't know if you are on facebook but there is a super perimenopause group on there, called peri-menopause support. Sometimes I think there is more going on than just hormones gone mad but I don't know what, its scary at times when I'm not good,I don't like who I become but its hard to fight something you cant see. Theres so many processes that go on in the hormal system that 1 small thing like a receptor in a cell is not working when another hormone knocks on the door to let it in that it totally throws a spanner in the works. Have you read What your Dr doesn't Tell you about Premenopause? its a great lot of info in there and explains a lot at a cellular level. I hope you find some peace, they say menopause is much easier, I hope they are right! Take care Penny

Apr 04, 2014
by: Denise

Thank you everyone. I know, right (Diane)? I don't know anyone like me either lol. Obviously I tolerated progesterone during pregnancy. I'm a mess. I do have a sneaky suspicion that my once Elevated testosterone is now low. However, when it was high, I was on progesterone and so I wonder if it converts to testosterone when taking it. I know I was climbing the walls when preggo lol.

RJ, the original post is visible only when I go to the link, but it is not in the list of posted topics. Almost like someone deleted it off the list.

Ok, so I did order a full hormonal panel off zrt. It's been while since I have done the saliva panel. I had a blood draw in October of 2013 and my progesterone was 2 and my estrogen was 30. It was done (or so I thought) around the third week of my cycle, as it should be, but my period came early (the day after the labs). Errrr. My testosterone was 18. Although in range, I have read that my testosterone should be higher. A year previous, the progesterone was .3, yikes. According to my doctor, the vitex helped, but not near enough and probably won't get much higher than 2, so that is when we went back to trying the progesterone. Because of my issues using it, she decided to try an oral route and very low dose. Not good!!!

So, as soon as the test kit comes, I am going to do it all on day 21 and see where I'm at again. Diane, do you know how expensive that doctor is? I mean, I'll save up if he is. It is worth my life back, but with kids in competitive sports and other big health bills (not mine) that we have to pay off, I might need to start stashing now lol. Thanks for your help!!!

Apr 04, 2014
Hi penny
by: Denise

Hi penny! I don't know a lot about methylation (pardon my French, but when I see it it looks like motherf-ER syndrome lol).: mthfr. I don't know how or where to test for this, but I stumbled on it when I got my b-12 back and it came back low at 320. I was a little shocked it was that low because a few years back it was 550. Anyway, Ii guess some folks have trouble taking or absorbing their b-13 because of this syndrome. I really hope that I don't have that too. I guess it's something I should potentially look into. Thank you!

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