Late periods

by Melissa
(San Antonio, TX)

Hi Wray, my name is Melissa and I wanted to say that I had been using Natpro and I was getting my periods every month. The only thing is that I get them 7 to 9 days after I stop the Natpro. I had commented to my obgyn of this and she changed me to a pharmacy made cream, but I don't think this one works well with me since I've noticed no decrease in hair shedding as I had with the Natpro.

I had been using 80mg/day (1/4 tsp in am and pm) which I just started again today and left the other pharmacist made cream, cuz it didn't seem to give me the results I've been looking for, and I realized it's only 50mg per day and I seem to do a little better on 80mg per day. I don't even know what other "additives" that one has and I know Natpro is organic.

What do you recommend I do to get my period in lesser amount of time after stopping the application? Or do you think it's ok me getting it a week later? I had been only applying it for 10 days for the same reason, so I would get it in at around 31days.

Thank you for your help!

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Jul 30, 2010
Late periods
by: Wray

Hi Melissa Well this is very interesting, I've not had someone say their period occurs 7 to 9 days after stopping the cream! I'm trying to work out how long your cycle normally is, should it be 31 days? What length were they before you tried progesterone? It could be you are using it out of sync with your own cycle. It should only be used after ovulation for the last 14 days of a cycle. So if your cycle is normally 31 days, you should start using the cream on day 18. Taking the first day of bleeding as day 1. Are you doing this? And as you have a cycle you should be using no less than 3ml am and another 3ml pm. I think you'll find this also helps the hair loss much more than the amount you were using. I generally recommend between 100-200mg/day. In fact I feel you could do with 1/2tsp am and another 1/2 tsp pm to help regulate the cycle and to stop the hair loss, then reduce till you find the optimum amount. You might find this page useful on how to use progesterone cream. You could also consider taking 2000mg/day N-acetyl cysteine, this makes the skin, hair and nails wonderfully strong. It also helps growth too. Two other nutrients to consider are 2000mg/day inositol, often called the anti-alopecia vitamin, and 2-3mg biotin, both these help hair loss and growth. Take care Wray

Aug 03, 2010
Late periods response
by: Melissa

Thanks for your reply Wray. I really don't know how long my periods are, since I've always had very irregular cycles. Sometimes not having a period for 3 to 7 months! I had previously been using some progesterone pills my aunt prescribed to me and a few years back I decided to go the natural route, but it's been a rollercoaster ride trying to normalize it. Also, I don't usually ovulate either. I have noticed that once I start the progesterone cream a day or two later I do ovulate (at least that's when I notice discharge). I will go up to 100mg/day and see how that works out. On my next month, I will try and hold until I notice ovulation. Thank you again, for your response! You are a huge help and God bless you!

Aug 04, 2010
Late periods response
by: Wray

Hi Melissa Has anyone checked your ovaries? It sounds as if you could have poly cystic ovaries. In case it throws some light on what's happening please see our page on PCOS. It certainly sounds as if your ovaries could do with some help, the progesterone will help of course, but you might need more. Generally it's oxidative stress causing the problem, in which case you need a high dose of antioxidants to stop it. Please have a vitamin D test done too, it's so vital for well functioning ovaries. Most of us have far to low a level. The following list gives an indication of levels of vitamin D found in the blood. The test should be done for 25-hydroxyvitamin D, also called calcidiol....
Sufficient - 50?100ng/ml or 125-250nmol/L
Hypovitaminosis - less than 30ng/ml or 75 nmol/L
Deficiency - less than 25ng/ml or 62.4nmol/L
For more information please see here. Let me know how you get on with the higher amount of progesterone too. Take care Wray

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