Late period due to progesterone or PG??

by Emily

Hi, I am 26 yrs old and was put on a natural progesterone cream by an herbalist due to a skin disease my MD diagnosed me with (lichen Schlerosis). The MD wanted to give me steroids but herbalist said it is often due to too high estrogen or low progesterone. (I have other symptoms of high estrogen too). I started 1/4 tsp cream (22mg progesterone) 2x day. Was told to start after my period and continue until I start my next or 28 days. Stop for a week, then continue again. So far the last 2 mo (since I started) have been normal. The disease has cleared entirely and my acne has even cleared. Also more balanced moods. But this month I am late. I usually have a 28day cycle but in the last 6 mo the longest Ive gone is 31 days (once in 6mo) Im now at day 34, never been this late in my life. I havent stopped the progesterone cream because Ive read that if I am pregnant stopping could cause a miscarriage. A HPT on day 32 was negative. How long should I wait for my period before I get a blood test or go off of progesterone? Since Im on such a low dose I didnt think it would affect my periods. We are very good about using BC but the cycle prior to this cycle, AND this cycle we didnt use protection due to circumstances (moving, couldnt find it, haha) and it just so happened to be right arround when an average ovulation would be (I track periods but not my ovulation). Im not planning a pregnancy, but it would be a pleasant surprise as my husband and I have been happily married for 9years (yes, I was young, lol) and now feel we would be ready to raise a child. Please let me know what you think. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated! THANK YOU!

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Jun 04, 2012
Late period due to progesterone or PG??
by: Wray

Hi Emily I'm pleased the progesterone helped the LS, it does normally. But you are on such a small amount I'm actually surprised it did! I'm very puzzled about the protocol you've been put on. I would normally have suggested you follow your cycle, ie to start using the progesterone at ovulation. Unless symptoms are severe, when I suggest using it daily, through any bleeding for 2-3 months. This ensures progesterone becomes the dominant hormone. We have more info on our pages How to use progesterone cream, Progesterone Misconceptions and Menstruation. Progesterone can upset the cycle when first using it, so it could be nothing more than this. Or you could be pregnant, a home test kit is not very reliable. So please don't stop the progesterone, you are on such a small amount it won't affect bleeding in the event you're not pregnant. The amount has to be 400mg/day for it to stop. You were young! But I'm happy you're still happy, it's unusual nowadays. If bleeding hasn't come in a week or two I suggest you have a test done. But rather at a doctors rooms, it's more reliable. Finally we do have a page on Pregnancy which gives more info. Take care Wray

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