Last try after 10 miscarriages in 4 years

by Sky

Aloha, I am a 44 yr old athletic, organic farmer with a 15 year old. After 4 years of ttc my partner and i are going to try to one last time. I have increasingly had blood clots in my menses over the last few years, but i am otherwise very healthy. Thyroid low end of normal. Was told i have Hasimotos 10yrs ago, but no mention of it since. Vit D high:). I had very mild cervical dysplasia due to HPV, but had it frozen off w/no recurrence.

Here is what i am taking daily: prenatal multi and omegas, NAC w/25 mg Selenium, pregnancy tea, antioxidant smoothie w/coconut oil, green drink w/greens powder, a little steak in am, probiotic, at least 1 salad & 1serving greens. I am going to take a 1 mo. Trial 'staycation' from work and i'm also taking a tincture w/ passionflower, vitex, wild yam, & dom quai from my midwife. I have also been on approx 300mg bioidentical progesterone cream for the last 2 mo. Now we are about to ttc in a week. My Naturapath is prescribing progesterone gel per my request.

Please share your knowledge Wray: How much progesterone should i use daily broken into 2 doses at 12 hrs apart? Should i use an ovulation predictor and begin using the gel 12 hrs before ovulation? Should i continue throughout pregnancy? Thank you so much. I truely appreciate you!

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