Lack of energy

by Patti Johnson
(Elma WA)

The first of the year I began having menopause symptoms. I turned 51 on 5/29. I can cope with the symptoms I'm having but feeling tired and sleepy all the time is killing me. I work and I have a 75 mile round trip commute per day. When I do get a good nights sleep I'm still left with being tired all the time.

I've been using the Emerita Progest Cream for a couple of months now. In the beginning it was helping but after I did the week off and went back to using it seems to not be helping much more. The first thing I noticed was my hair stopped falling out after the past 20 years. I had a hysterectomy in 12/1997, uterus only. I ordered the Natpro and hopefully it will come in today's mail. What do you do for the extreme fatigue and loss of libido?

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Dec 06, 2009
Extreme tiredness
by: Anonymous

I can wholly sympathise with you about tiredness. I too am suffering from extreme tiredness and body fatigue, which is stopping me from enjoying life. As soon as I step through the door to my home I am freezing cold and can only lie down. I have teenage sons who need support as they are beginning exams but I feel useless.

I have actually been wondering if my life is going to be like this how will I cope?

Jan 04, 2010
Extreme tiredness
by: Wray

It sounds as if you could be helped by progesterone, it's excellent for tiredness and myopathy (muscle fatigue). It is thermogenic, so will help slightly with the cold, but this sounds as if you need the amino acid tyrosine. A lack of this makes us feel cold. It's essential for the thyroid too, as the two thyroid hormones are made from it. You should start on a low dose of 500mg/day and build up, symptoms are the best guide. I would suggest taking flax oil too, from 5-60ml/day, this does help with feeling cold too. Please try my suggestions and see if they help. Take care, Wray

Jan 08, 2010
Overcoming tiredness
by: Wray

Hi Patti. Progesterone often helps with the sort of tiredness you're experiencing, I had exactly that too. No amount of sleep helped me, until I started using progesterone. You might find you have insulin resistance, as this also causes tiredness. Progesterone also helps with libido too, as it stimulates nitric oxide. NO is a vasodilator, in other words it helps to relax blood vessels. It also prevents platelets aggregating, so allowing more blood to flow. Progesterone is also a vasodilator and also prevents platelets aggregating. Progesterone would certainly stop your hair falling out. This is caused in women by too high a level of androgens. Progesterone suppresses them. You might consider taking inositol, it's called the anti-alopecia vitamin. The amino acid N-acetyl cysteine is also helpful. You would need to take about 2000mg/day of each. A high dose, but once your hair is growing strongly you can reduce the dose to the optimum level. I would also suggest you ignore having the week off as you have no cycle to follow, and use the cream every day, it will not harm and prevents the dip which occurs when not using it. You might experience symptoms of excess oestrogen when first using the Natpro, as it's a stronger cream. Please go to this web page which explains why it happens. Do hope this helps. Take care, Wray

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