Knowledgable Hormone Doctor

by Anon
(Uk )

Does anybody know a knowledgable doctor on hormones (particularly benefits of progesterone therapy) in the uk - either private or NHS?

Please could you kindly share details if you do, I cannot find anyone at all to help.

If it can't be published and needs to be done privately perhaps one of the moderators could help pass the information along.

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May 12, 2017
Knowledgeable Hormone Doctor
by: Joy

Now that is a million $ question. Many find it extremely difficult to find a doctor who is willing to help with progesterone therapy, preferring HRT instead. I guess there is not much money for them if they go the natural route, but I shall leave it at that.

Your best bet is to look for a Naturopath, they seem far more willing and knowledgeable.

Perhaps someone reading this will help you with one. For me I found all I needed to know on this wonderful website.

This website is bursting with all the information that you need. How can I help you? Let me guide you on the correct path. Wray, wonderful lady who developed Natpro over 20 years now was a minefield of information. There was nothing that she did not know about the benefits of progesterone. I was privileged and fortunate enough to have worked with Wray and to have her pass on her wonderful knowledge to me. I will never, ever, hold a candle to Wray, but I do know a fair amount of how our hormones work and what is needed.

Let me know how I can help you.

May 24, 2017
Can anyone help
by: Anonymous

Thanks Joy.

I've heard of naturopaths though I was under the impression they could be equally as unkowledgable and prescribe things that can cause just as much trouble which is scary. It is such a gamble just choosing one without knowing if they can help. They aren't cheap. Seeing a GP in the UK is free, but they know little and are of no help!

So if anyone knows a good naturopath as well I'd be equally as eager to know this. I'm willing to travel as I am so desperate.

The latest nhs gp I just saw told me that my depression, anxiety (and occasional feelings of suicide) are nothing to do with my hormones. That my hormones are within normal range and have nothing to do with how I'm feeling. Even though I told her I feel even worse around my menstrual cycle. She doesn't even think my thyroid is impacting anything as my results are 'normal', yet I have classic hypo signs.

She didn't even believe in all the nutrients I'm taking. Not even vitamin D. Truthfully increasing that to the recommended blood level hasn't solved any problems but I know I needed it.

She just wants to give me anti depressants which don't help they just give me more health issues.

I don't think there's a nutrient or amino acid left to take so I'm feeling like a knowledgable doctor is the only person who can provide some clues. I'd really prefer a full analysis of every blood or urine or saliva etc and someone to actually know what they are doing if they prescribe anything.

I realise I'm asking for the impossible 😰 I just want to get better.

If anyone knows anyone. Well I'm desperate to say the least.

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