Just miscarried at 7 weeks the day after seeing the baby and heartbeat

by Naomi

Hi , I wrote a couple weeks ago asking advice on progesterone supplementation in case of threatened miscarriage. I was six weeks when I started cramping. The ultrasound showed a healthy heartbeat, and a fetus, but also a sub chorionic hematoma around the gestational sac. I knew I was low progesterone because I had a test done the week before I knew I was pregnant. And it was 12.64. We had another test done a week after we found out, and it came back at 5.6. That scared me, and that is when I wrote you for suggested dosage. At the time I was on one pump a day of progestacare plus. I upped it to 300 gr a day of a vaginal tablet called Luteina. ( it is a polish bio progesterone supplement available here in Ukraine). Then night after I had the good ultrasound I had a hemoragh, and was afraid I lost the baby. I'm pretty sure now that I did, but at the time I convinced myself it was the SCH bleeding. After two weeks of bed rest, and taking the progesterone, we went back for an ultrasound, and the baby was gone- a complete miscarriage. No cramping at all the whole time, no clots. It was just the one 'gush'. So I was devastated, because I really thought everything would be fine. Now I am having symptoms of postpartum depression. I am wondering If I need to continue the 300 gr a day, taper off, stop completely? Do I need to go back to a Cycle with the cream? I am very confused what to do at this point. Thank you for any suggestions.
I believe the miscarriage was due to the baby not being able to strongly implant. Obviously I did not start the high doses soon enough. So sad that Dr's don't tell you these things in advance of a tragedy!

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Jun 17, 2015
Just Miscarried at 7 weeks
by: Joy

Hi Naomi

I am so sorry to hear about your Miscarriage which was more than likely caused by a progesterone deficiency. I suggest that you continue using progesterone but a cream is so much better as you can adjust the amount used accordingly, the pregnancy page will help you. Please read what the late Dr Kittie Dalton had to say about PND. The How to use Progesterone Cream will also help you. Did you doctor advise you of Estrogen Dominance symptoms, he should have.

Do you know what your Vitamin D level is? A deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone and also helps in Pregnancy.

Hope this helps.

Jun 18, 2015
Thank you
by: Naomi

Thank you,
I'm pretty sure it was a combination of reasons that caused the miscarriage. My vitamin D is definitely low, as is progesterone, and I have borderline hypothyroid issues as well. I am working with a functional Dr. Right now to correct these deficiencies. Unfortunately, I learned about them too late to save the pregnancy. Thank you for your input, I have read the progesterone and pregnancy pages. Very good information :)

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