Just curious and a bit confused

by Patti


I had a tubal ligation some 11 years ago,(worst mistake I have ever made, and the worst thing I have EVER put my body through). My husband 33, and I 32, recently decided we wanted to try to have a baby, so we decided I should have a tubal reversal done, (the biggest favor I have ever done for my body, I feel so much better). I went to Dr. Saadat in Beverly Hills California in February of this year. I really liked him. he done outpatient surgery, then I had to go back the next morning to let him check the incision. upon my returning to him he told me "you should not have ANY problem getting pregnant". well, my husband and I decided to wait for a bit and let my body resume functioning properly. so in June (the first time we tried) I got a + pregnancy test we were thrilled. then at the end of June around 5 weeks I had a miscarriage. now we want to try again at the end of this month (August), is there a chance that having my tubes tied for so long interrupted the production of progesterone in my body?, and if you think so, how much cream should I use?, and for how long should I use it?, when should I start/stop using it?.

Thank You - P.R.

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Aug 07, 2013
Just curious and a bit confused
by: Wray

Hi Patti Well I'm delighted you had the Tubal ligation reversed, too many women suffer after having one. And are never told what side effects can be experienced. It's really good news you fell pregnant so quickly, any procedure like that can upset the reproductive cycle. I don't think the op had anything to do with the miscarriage. Around 25% of all pregnancies end in one, so don't be dismayed about it, I had five before having my daughter. And about 60% are due to 'unknown' causes, rarely are progesterone levels checked. We do have a page on Pregnancy you could look through, and another here. They give all the info on using progesterone, how much and for how long. Please have a vitamin D test done, as a lack of this can cause miscarriages, plus it reduces the benefits of progesterone. They are excellent videos at the end of the pregnancy page on vitamin D, please watch them, as it's vital for the growth of the foetus and for breast feeding. Take care Wray

Jun 19, 2014
Once Again
by: Patti (Oklahoma)

Just an update to my earlier (2013) post.

my Husband and I managed to get pregnant in September 2013, only to have another MC in late November/ early December. I went to a Dr. in Poteau, Ok and had my progesterone checked (after I basically begged her to do check it, and finally had to just tell her if you don't check it I'm NOT paying you). this was at around 6&1/2 weeks, when the test came back my progesterone level was at 4.6...well, then I went to My gyno the next week and he did a vaginal ultra sound at 7 weeks, and everything was fine, I informed him that I had gone and had the other tests done and informed him I felt it was a bit low, he did NOT prescribe anything for it, so we had a snow storm and I was outside scraping ice off my windshield and I got like nauseated, I came inside and I had to pee so I went and there was some brownish discharge, (I had an appointment in 2 days time) so the nurse told me to just relax and put my feet up and not to worry.. ok so I did that (as best I could) well went to my appointment and we were going to hear the heart beat, well, nothing so the Dr. done another vag ultrasound, and my baby was gone, then I had a D&C the following Monday December 16th,2013.. and here it is June and we cant get prego again, so I had my progesterone levels checked again (different Dr.) didn't have to threaten with-held payment. and now im waiting for the results.

P.R. (Oklahoma)

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