by Linda
(Newton,Iowa )

I have had vaginal burning/ tingling for 8 months now. It started after UTI that was taken care of by antibiotics and then 2weeks later I got this pinching feeling on the right side by urethra. It especially hurt when I put down my right foot when walking and kegels would hurt both going up and down. I found out I also had BV which meant another anti biotic (flagyl) which made my pinching worse. My Gyno told me that I had early ayrophic vaginitis and started me on premarin. Then I started to feel the burning with the pinching. A few months later she said my skin was better but I still had the pain. Last December my pinching went away after doing some PT exercises (I had also been doing kegels right before this all happened and I thought I had possibly pulled a pelvic muscle so I went to a pelvic floor PT) I still had this burning. I decided a month ago to do a saliva test kit I bought and sent into a lab. My progesterone to estrogen level showed a 6. Could this low of a progesterone ratio possibly cause burning? My test was done on day 26 of a 37 day cycle. I am 51 and have no hot flashes but starting to have irregular periods the last year or so. My burning seems to be growing to clitoris and upper right labia now. Taking gabapentin to try and control the burning/tingling sensation. I am miserable

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