James and Maggie

by James
(Forfar, Scotland, UK.)

My Wife Maggie then aged 8 years old was struck very hard by the fender of an automobile in the late Spring of 1963; her World changed for ever.

The Only follow-up she ever received was to have her stiches removed in 1964 shortly after being discharged from Hospital.

We have a Stunning story to recount but would need skilled help to commit it to the written form. Our experiences could help many.

With No help whatever from our NHS and no recognition whatever even today of Maggies' TBI status, as an Engineer I set about a massive research project, beginning 09/22/11 drawing on written resources from 5 Continents to find ways in which to save my Wifes' life...

We're nearly there with the recovery now having recognised structural deficits in the A. Nucleus HGH and DA precursor enzymestendency toward Hypothermia and Structural weaknesses in the BBB at the Injury site.

Our Treatments cannot include Pharmaceuticals due to Maggies' Chemical Sensitivities but do include the Herbal source materials for Pramipexole, Cabergoline and a natural source material for IGF's 1 & 2.

We have also worked on the functioning of the, Memory, Adrenals, Intra-Cellular Transport, Smooth Muscle Relaxation lungs using Minerals and Progesterone. We are currently close to completing an incredibly complex work related to DA replacement and are active in matters relating to the normalisation of the Olfactory Bulb.

We are working to accuracies of 1 mg 1/1000 gram and each part of the recovery strategy is taylor fitted to Maggies' exact physiological requirements.

Maggie is So fortunate to be alive today!

If you'd like to help us to help others then drop us a line

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Sep 09, 2013
James and Maggie
by: Wray

Hi James An amazing story, and dedication on your part. I'm delighted you're using progesterone as it is so successful for Traumatic Brain Injury. I do hope she's using enough. You don't mention vitamin D, has she had her levels checked? Scotland has the lowest level of sunshine in the developed world, please have a test done if not. Further studies on TBI found a lack of vitamin D reduced the benefits of progesterone, see here, here and here. And that vitamin D was also successful in helping TBI victims, although the combo of the two was even more so. Take care Wray

Sep 09, 2013
Access Denied.
by: James [Forfar, Scotland.

Thank you so much for your words of encouragement, they mean so much to us! In answer to your point about Vitamin 'D' I placed Maggie on a high dose of this Vit in 2012 when I became aware of its' complex role in aiding TBI and Immune.

Maggies' NHS Diagnosis is for 'Mast Cells Instability' and the Medical professionals will not even entertain recognising any other underlying factors leading to the disaster that befell my Wife in 2010/2011.

I am utterly convinced that the Woman I love deeply has Structural Damage to the BBB, Anterior Hypothalamus and the A. Nucleus caused by her TBI's of 1963 and further injury to the same site in 1964.

Not one of her Primary or Tertiary care Team will take my well voiced and logically put concerns onboard. Maggie and I have been marginalised and forced to fend for ourselves.

I have asked that Maggie be sent to see a Neutrologist with a Speciality in TBI, I have also asked for an MRI with tracer to check for Increased Permiability at the BBB but these requests have been denied.

There is No point in asking anymore because as they say "The problem is Immune, Not TBI...she had children didn't she, no there can't be an issue with the Hypothalamus."

They take no account whatever that Maggie lactated from 1974 thru' to 2010. No account of a rapid growth spurt of 10" plus [over 2-3 weeks] aged Nine. No account of long periods [years] without any menstrual cycle. Hormonal problems during pregnancy, Life threatening Hypothermic event[s], faulty Immune System upratings etc, etc.

Maggies' situation is pretty precarious and she Only survives now inside an Avanced [HEPA/ Carbon] filtered atmosphere.

The World has become a Lethal place for my Wife to Inhabit; we call her Life Chances a game of 'Russian Roulette'

Maggie and I work every day together looking for solutions. Great sucesses have come but Only through considerable research effort and patience, we are hampered by three things namely Lack of Professional and Diagnostic Support and Resource.

Engineers thrive on Information and detail because it is in the analysis of data that future solutions are found, I am no diferent to my peers.

Question: Would you take a Rocket to Mars without first reading the Manual?

Kind Regards, James.

Sep 10, 2013
Access Denied
by: Wray

Hi James I had no idea your wife's condition had deteriorated to the point she needs a filtered atmosphere. I've just had a look at the ones available and this seems a good site here, you probably know it! I simply can't get my head around the NHS attitude, but then it only does the basics and people are left to fend for themselves. All those adverse symptoms she had while growing up, and during pregnancy, surely they have something to say about her condition. I'm always saddened by the attitude of the medical profession, it comes up so many times with the many women and men who write in. I wish I could offer more help, but my knowledge is so limited. I wish you success in your searches. Take care Wray

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