by Deborah Spencer
(Portland OR)

I am 52. I had in IUD inserted in 2007 due to very heavy periods and horrible cramping. Two years ago my FSH was checked by Primary care doctor and I was told I was "close" to menopause. I had the IUD removed 4 months ago (October). FSH level was checked again and was same number as two years ago. This time I was told by OB/GYN that I was post menopause. In January I had a sudden heavy period. They did a biopsy to check for cancer, it was negative. This past week I had another even heavier period. Changing the largest size pad I could find every 1 - 1/12 hours for 4 days straight. I went in yesterday and saw the on call OB/GYN. She said that my biopsy had also shown a thickening of the uterus which meant low progesterone. She suggested I have another IUD placed rather than taking pills. So I did. Now I am reading up on this today wondering if I did the right thing. I really had no idea about all the other symptoms which make sense now after years of suffering from depression, panic and anxiety, weight gain (especially this past year) and more. I'm wondering if also using the cream would help with those symptoms??

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Mar 10, 2016
by: Joy

Hi Deborah

I certainly hope that the IUD inserted wasn’t the Mirena, it should be taken off the market. Please read the side effects on the Contraceptive page. I don’t understand why the medical profession can’t work out that a missed period for 12 months puts one in menopause, as you are experiencing heavy periods, this does not apply to you at all. You are still in Peri-Menopause. And of course they wouldn't find cancer, but it’s always good to know.

The thickening of the uterus means that you have an estrogen build up in the uterus due to excess estrogen. Such a pity that you had another IUD inserted and what pills was she referring to? You are clearing suffering from Estrogen Dominance and Peri-Menopause. I suggest that you have it removed and consider using progesterone therapy.

What should have been recommended is a Heavy Bleeding Protocol, but why would they do that, it’s all natural? If you do have your IUD removed, here is the protocol which has worked so well for so many people. If your weight gain continues to be a concern, please try the Ketogenic Diet.

* 400-500mg Natpro Progesterone Cream per day
* 2000mg N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) per day
* 2000mg Taurine per day
* 5000iu's Vitamin D per day
* 1000mg Bioflavanoids per day

What is your Vitamin D3 level? A deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone and is connected to every single functioning cell in our bodies and is vital for anxiety, depression etc.

Please read the following pages:

How to use Progesterone Cream
Estrogen Dominance
Vitamin D3
Ketogenic Diet
Progesterone Cream

I hope this will help you.

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