Is this premenopause or too low progesterone?

by Ines

Hi there again,

I hope you can somehow help me with this:

I always had a quite short cycle of about 21 days for the last 2 years. I'm supplementing with bio-identical progesterone since last october, roughly. Doses vary between 200 mg - 800 mg, depending on symptoms, mood etc.

Last month I experienced some minor PMS symptoms, also a little cramping, headache etc. just like always before menstruation starts. But nothing happened. Not it is over 40 days since my last menstruation and all that happened was some little drops of blood 4 days ago, then one day without, then again some cramping and headache (more than before) and some spotting, a bit more than 4 days ago. Today nothing again.

Is this premenopause starting (I'm 44) or just another hormonal issue? BTW: I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease and I suppose my adrenals are fatigued as well.

Any ideas what to do? And how to proceed with my progesterone?

Thank you so much!

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