Is this normal?

by Mona

Hey. Just looking for some advice. I'm really suffering.

Firstly, is it normal for an increased dose of progesterone cream to increase estrogenic symptoms even more? I'm now on 300mg of my 3% cream. I was previously on 200mg and still suffering. I thought increasing would help - it has made me worse.

I have completed 6 full weeks on the 300mg dose. They have been horrific. I'm actually worse now than I was on nothing.

So, my question really is, shoud I be able to ride through this? Why is 300mg making me worse than 200mg? My symptoms this week are extreme fatigue, migraine, teary and tender breasts. I should be in luteal phase. I was even worse in follicular phase.

So, do you expect an increased dose to increase estrogenic symptoms? How long should they take to calm, if they are estrogen related???

I have read that too much progesterone causes breast pain, so I'm nervous I'm now using too high a dose.

I'd really appreciate your support. These are tough times.

Thanks Mona x

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Sep 26, 2022
Is this normal?
by: Joy

Hi Mona

Sorry to hear that you are suffering.

Some do find that increasing the dose aggravates things, this is normal as the body needs time to adjust.  What is happening is that progesterone is aggravating estrogen, both fighting to become the dominant hormone.  As we should all know, the aim of progesterone therapy is to make progesterone the dominant hormone at all times. The body soon adjusts.  Even changing a brand causes this.

As this website states, if the amount that you are using is not helping, then increase, find an amount that suits you and your symptoms.  Once you feel stable, the amount of cream can be slowing reduced to a level that again, suits you.  We are all different, we all require different things.  It sounds as though you need to use more progesterone before you feel its true benefits. Being on 300mg for 6 weeks with no improvement is an indication that more is needed.  

As mentioned ad nauseam it can take 2-6 months of correct use of progesterone before positive results are achieved.  As you are battling, I suggest that you use progesterone every day with NO breaks until this situation improves and your cycle returns to normal. Once this happens you can slowly reduce the amount to a level that suits you.  Progesterone should only be used at luteal phase provided your cycle is regular.  You don't state your age, you could be in Peri-Menopause which starts are around 35.  Progesterone really should be used every day unless you are TTC or your monthly cycle is regular.

I am not sure where you read that progesterone causes breast pain which is one of many Progesterone Misconceptions.  Breast pain is usually caused by excess estrogen but more importantly, thyroid issues.  Are you taking iodine drops and selenium to support your thyroid?  Try rubbing the cream on your breasts. It should help as progesterone is an excellent anti-inflammatory.  Please read the How to use Progesterone Cream and Estrogen Dominance pages.  

Something that many do not realise.  Vitamin D3, if your level is low it reduces the benefits of progesterone.  It is also connected to every single functioning cell in our body making it vital.

Sep 26, 2022
More information
by: Mona

Thank you Joy

Your comments are very helpful and much appreciated. You say that after 6 weeks I should notice some improvement or up my dose. I guess I'm worried that I'll get the estrogenic symptoms all over again like I got from increasing 200mg to 300mg.

I should also add that since increasing to 300mg my pms has improved. Also my period has become so light it is almost non existent. Would you suggest this might mean 300mg is enough for me??? I have very much focused on the negatives in my original post. But it is true, there, are some benefits, mainly to my pms. It is the physical estrogenic symptoms I am struggling with.

Yes. I am in perimenopause. I am 45.

Is it likely progesterone is helping, but by increasing my dose I have further antagonised my estrogen - resulting in continued imbalance, whilst the increased progesterone itself helps some symptoms?

Many thanks. Mona xx

Sep 27, 2022
More Information
by: Joy

HI Mona

If 300mg is not helping you entirely, then you need to increase the amount used as stated on the website. You need to experiment to see what suits you. Once things clear and you feel stable, the amount can be reduced to a level that suits you. You have already mentioned that you are noticing an improvement though. I suggest increasing the amount.

Sep 30, 2022
The human Body Heals in reverse, it remembers its way back
by: Anonymous


I have been at this for 2 years now.
The following is a list of Physicians I have
sourced for information on Menopause.

Robinson, Byron MD - Extensive Case Histories
Cutter, Ephraim MD LLD Extensive Waste Removal
Burnett, James Compton MD Extensive Case Histories
Currier, Andrew Fay MD Good work
Felty, John W MD Good Work
Napier, Alexander MD, FRCS, MRCP Good work
Tilt, Edward John MD Good Work
MacFadden, Bernarr MD - Extensive Waste removal
"The human Body Heals in reverse, it remembers its way back"

The medical texts for the above physicians are all in archive. archive dot org. search name as above.

Our cycle, is our method of toxin removal. it is not only for progeneration. As our Estrogen goes down, so too do our waste removal. The loss of E directly corresponds to the rise in accumulted waste. waste is the cause if inflammation, inflammation is the cause of disease.

All of this information is covered in these texts, with the case entries and is avail in pub med NIH under other peer reveiwed studies of today. Estrogen runs the show, for the entire female body.
The disease that affects us in this process, is predicated by the waste itself, the removal of which affects correction, at least to a functional level.

All current symptoms we go through, is historically documented through all these texts. they are not unrelated. they are not seperate. they are to varying degrees in all of us, and one part of a whole. the women who could affect waste correction recovered, the women who could not affect correction, suffered this.

This is not me saying this either, this is what is written by these collective physicians who made gynecology their lifes work. This is my comprehension of their teachings.

Byron, Robinson Covers at length the entire process
of the shifting of the nerves during menopause, and his case reports are astounding.

The comprehension of the information, laid out by the physcians long go, for us future generations is the way forward.

Good Luck

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