Is there a hope?

by Nehal alrashed

Hello every one, im glad to be with you here& truly i consider this my last hope to save my life! Im 35 years woman, who have never been married & dying to be a mother. Before 5 years i was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries with an apple sized 2 cysts. My period was so painful & heavy, the thing which affected my life & i found my self in a hard depression condition. At the same time i was diagnosed with hypothyroid disorder, i don't know which one led to the other. For the polycysts, my doctor suggestion was to avoid surgery as we don't have good gynacologist surgeons in my country ( saudi) plus i was 30 years old, still virgin & not married & the surgery might cause harm to my ovaries the thing which might deprive me from being a mother. I started the medication journey, contraceptive pills together with thyroid medication.after 6 months, my thyroid was close to normal & the cysts started to shrink. My doctor stopped the contraceptive pills. After two years i started to feel the pains again & my period was not normal, i had vaginal bleeding between periods & because of estrogen dominance i gain weight especially around waist & had water retenation all around my body. I tried herbs this time : vitex, wild yam & milk thistle but nothing changed. My doctor prescribed period controller CLIMEN, but it was worse. In my last period before ten 14 days, i was back to another brand of contraceptive pills which unfortunatelly stopped my period & caused my spotting until today. Last night when i read about progestrone cream benefits i decided to stop my contraceptive pills & try this new treatment. Im full of hope that this is ganna work!!!!!!
Thank you all..

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Jul 01, 2015
Is there hope?
by: Joy

Hi Nehal

You poor thing, you really have suffered and I can understand your concern. You do need to get this sorted if you are wanting to start a family. Please read the PCOS page it will explain so much. The contraceptive pill is not going to help you at all, in fact they will merely make matters worse. I am pleased that you have decided to stop taking them. All drug based contraceptives have a potential to cause harm. Taking them would mean that you are suffering from Estrogen Dominance hence your weight gain etc. Vitex is not recommended as it has estrogenic properties. Climen is an HRT, what is your doctor thinking???

Please read the Menstrual Cycle page and How to use Progesterone Cream. As you live in Saudi where you probably do not get much sun as it is too hot, do you know what your Vitamin D level is? A deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone and is connected to every single cell in our bodies and their formation, making it vital.

So to answer your question "is there a hope?", the answer is yes. There is always hope, provided the correct procedure is followed.

Hope this helps.

Jul 05, 2015
by: Nehal

Dear Joy thank u so much for your comment, you gave such useful information that i shall keep in mind, actually yes i suffer from vitamin D deficiency, but i already started my treatment plan, hope next time i will tell about that my PCO disappered!

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