Is Progesterone for me?

by Lindsay Stoican

For the last 2 years I have been having grand mal seizures. I have tried many things. Nothing is working so I took the progesterone deficiency tests and I scored a 66. So something is out of balance.

I took the test to see if I was out of balance because in my research I found that if you're progesterone deficient and don't have enough to even out your estrogen levels it can cause seizures. I would very much appreciate your feed back. Give me your advice.

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Jan 15, 2009
Is Progesterone for me?
by: Wray

Hi Lindsay It could be the lack of progesterone is causing the seizures, as they only started 2 years ago. It's difficult to say as I don't know your age or if there are any other mitigating circumstances.

If the seizures occur in the few days before your period, then almost certainly it has something to do with the lack of progesterone. Your score is high enough to warrant trying it, but please get the advice of your health care practitioner. Alternatively you could contact Dr Platt who is well versed in bio-hormone therapy, I'll give his details below:
Dr Platt
Platt Medical Center
72-785 Frank Sinatra Drive
Suite 100
Rancho Mirage
CA 92270
Phone: +| 760 836 3232
Fax: +| 760 836 3234
Web site:
Specialising in preventative medicine using bio-identical hormones

When first using progesterone it activates the oestrogen receptor sites so making oestrogen the dominant hormone. This might initially make your symptoms worse. Please have a look at our web page on this before using it:

Take care Wray

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