Is Progesterone Delaying my period?

by Doris Bartolome
(Orange, CA, U.S.A.)

I'm 37 years old. Last April I miscarried at 7 weeks. My Doctor suspected low progesterone. I also have very small fibroids in the uterus - less than 2 cm.

This month I started the progesterone vaginal suppositories (200mg morning and night)and I have not gotten my period - 2 days late, but with no pregnancy symptoms and negative pregnancy tests.

My question - what dosage should I be taking? Am I taking too much? When do I quit taking the progesterone if I am trying to conceive? How will I know for positive that I am not pregnant before quitting the progesterone? What is the best route to use when using progesterone when trying to conceive?

Thank you very much.

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Jul 05, 2008
Is Progesterone Delaying my period?
by: Wray

Hi Doris. Progesterone can upset the cycle when first starting it, so this is probably the case with you, as you say you're not pregnant.

The dosage you're using is fine. The progesterone should only be used from ovulation, otherwise it will prevent this. I will give the web link which gives info on using progesterone for conception and pregnancy:

Also the link on how to use the cream as it gives info on the ups and downs of using progesterone for the first time:

If you do fall pregnant, on no account must you stop the progesterone, as this could cause a miscarriage. The best route is either the suppositories or the cream, oral is a waste of time as 80-90% is destroyed by the gut and the liver.

I think you'll find all the info you need on the web pages I've given. Fibroids are an indication your progesterone is too low and your oestrogen too high, using the suppositories should help. Take care Wray

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