Is progesterone delaying my period?

by Emmalisa

I'm 41 years old. Last year I miscarried at 7 weeks. I suspected low progesterone, but the doctors did nothing about it. I also have very small fibroids in the uterus - less than 2 cm. I have not fallen pregnant since, but have felt that I have conceived over 5 times in that period as my pregnancy symptoms are very pronounced (immediate breast growth up to 1 inch, nipple swelling, breast pain, horrible acne!)

The last time, I started the progesterone (20mg morning and night) - I felt bloated and pregnant, so I cut back to 1/4 morning and night, then got my period on day 15 after ovulation (I am always spot on - ovulation between 12-15, then 15 days after I get my period). Well, that period was exactly like my previous miscarriage with little hairlike fibers in the bleeding.

So this month, I decided to do the full dose the entire time, and now I have not gotten my period - 5 days late, but with no pregnancy symptoms and negative pregnancy tests. I quit the progesterone 2 days before my period was due after a negative pregnancy test.

My question - what dosage should I be taking? Am I taking too much? When do I quit taking the progesterone if I am trying to conceive? How will I know for positive that I am not pregnant before quitting the progesterone? What is the best route to use when using progesterone when trying to conceive?

Thank you very much.

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Jun 17, 2008
Is progesterone delaying my period?
by: Wray

Hi Emmalisa It sounds very like you have low progesterone. And yes it can disrupt the cycle when first starting it. Progesterone is vital for a successful pregnancy and low progesterone is one cause of miscarriages, so you could well have fallen pregnant 5 times.

I have much info to give you on using progesterone for pregnancy, but cannot send it via this route. Would you send me a message using the 'Contact' link at the foot of this page. ? Thanks Wray

May 13, 2012
is it possible to delay my period with natural progesterone cream?
by: Anonymous


I have started using natural progesterone cream for PMS and find it really helps. Now Im wondering if there is any way I can use the cream to delay my period (because of holiday)?

Best, Ina

May 13, 2012
is it possible to delay my period with natural progesterone cream?
by: Wray

Hi Ina I'm pleased progesterone has helped the PMS, it does. The only way to stop bleeding is to use 400mg/day or more. Often more is required to actually stop it. There's more info about our cycle on our Menstruation page. Take care Wray

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