Is progesterone causing my fatigue?

by Trent
(Arizona )

Hi I’m a 21 year old male, I started taking progesterone in September of this year as a supplement to my trt regime (cancer survivor under doctor supervision). I take 40mg progesterone cream every night with 125mg test c every week. Doctor started it for me because my estrogen was a little high (41) and I have a history of insomnia. Starting out it was fantastic, fixed my years long insomnia bouts but soon I started getting extreme fatigue. I’m exhausted by 1pm and by the time I drive home it’s like I’m driving drunk. I’ve been having memory loss and other cognitive issues. I go to college, box, lift weights, so I really shouldn’t be feeling this dead constantly. Is my dosage wrong, or is there other things I should understand while taking progesterone?

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Jan 29, 2023
Is progesterone causing my fatigue
by: Anonymous

Hey Trent I take progesterone as well and when you first start taking it it’s so normal that things get worse before getting better because when you start progesterone it stimulates the estrogen receptors causing estrogen dominance symptoms to get worse. The fatigue you have really is normal I went through it as well I know exactly what your talking about. Something that helped me was increasing the dose sometimes substantially because it makes progesterone the dominant hormone quicker and flushes out the excess estrogen. But after you get through the estrogen dominance phase you will get the sleep you did when you first started and better and you will feel amazing. I know Joy would also advice you to get a vit d test done because low vit d decreases the effectiveness of progesterone you should take 5,000-10,000 iu daily and make sure your using a good cream like Natpro not one that has progestins because that will lower progesterone levels

Feb 13, 2023
Is progesterone causing my fatigue
by: Joy

Hi Trent

I see that Anonymous has given you some excellent advice.

I'm pleased that your doctor suggested progesterone as you could land up with Man Boobs otherwise, it's a side effect. All sorts of strange things happen when first using progesterone. Your body needs time to adjust and clearly you are battling with Estrogen Dominance. Progesterone is now aggravating estrogen, both hormones are trying to be the dominant one. The aim of progesterone therapy is to make progesterone the dominant hormone. If you feel that 40mg is not helping you, then increase, experiment, find a level that suits you. The more you use in the beginning the better it will be. Once you feel stable you can slowly reduce the amount of cream to suit you. I suggest that you use half the amount in the morning and the other at night. This enables progesterone to remain stable. See if that helps. You might like to read the Cancer and Progesterone for Men pages, see here, here and here. You may also find this page useful, see here.

Something else that could be causing your fatigue is Insulin Resistance. Has this been tested and what is your Vitamin D3 level? Cofactors are needed when taking D3. This is vital as a deficiency reduces the benefit of progesterone.

Hope this helps

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