is all anxiety caused from low progesterone?

by Kaye

I have been suffering since 2004 with episodic anxiety and since then have been to numerous drs. and spent tons of money on supplements, progesterone, and even light use of lorazaepam.
None of it has lasted. I have in the past communicated with Wray on progesterone issues, but found the transition from high estrogen using progesterone extremely difficult. I have used troches, shots, creams and prometrium with prometrium being the best so far. Recently I started seeing another dr. of Functional medicine and we are trying compounded progesterone 30mg.vaginally. However, I'm having extreme anxiety 24/7. This dr. did have me using DIM for a few months and it did noticeably help, but then started causing nausea and feeling of herkheimers. It was nasty. It did however bring my estrogen down considerably.So thought starting the cream again would be an easier transition, but it hasn't been that way at all. I have read most of Wrays articles but was wondering if you can have anxiety with progesterone ok. I have had a new test (to me) done. Its called the DUTCH test. Developed by lab dr in Beaverton Oregon. Its shows all the hormones, cortisol dhea estrogen pregnoleone androgen testosterone and all the metabolites. ALL of mine are HIGH. except estrogen and progesterone was in normal range. Will this ever go away? I would love to hear a positive story similar to mine. thank you.....

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