Irritated mucous membrane/rectum, blood, itching/lack of hormones-/oestrogen??

by kate

Hello,I had questions a couple of days before. Now, I´m waiting for delivering the Natpro,but I´ve got a new-old problem. I have ulcerative colitis and from that when I was drinking herbal teas for oestrogen-levels /I didn´t know it is bad/ one thing was better - the mucuos of the end of my rectum. Before I have had itching,blood,"ekzema" from outside also -I don´t know what it is, but not Candida,not parasites, I was tested for it- and with teas it ended for about 3/4 years. I haven´t changed anything in my diet, have the same probiotics etc.but I switched off the oestrogenic teas before one week, when I read it here and it came back after a 3/4 year!! Can it be also connected with hormones??
And please - I had also a few new queston about dosing of Natpro below my previous post/question, please, answer it!

Thank You!

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