Irregularity and predicting final period?

by Elle


First of all I love natpro! It has a made a huge difference in my life. And so has this website. I can't thank you enough for making this information available.

I would like to know if irregular periods can be used as a predictor of when you'll get your last period. I am 44 years old. My cycle was 29 days for several years. In the past year or so it has changed. It was 27 days for a few months, then 26 days for a month, then I had one that was only 16 days, followed by two cycles that were 32 and 33 days. Currently, it is back to 27 or 28 days--I think, hahaha. Previously, I'd always been like clockwork--almost down to the hour so this is driving me crazy.

1) is there any way to guess how many of these irregular periods until the final one? I have read that once irregularity sets in, it usually lasts about 20 cycles.

2)How do you know if you're irregular? If your cycle is off by one day? Two days? A week?

2) is the progesterone really regulating my periods? If so, how long will this work? At some point, I should start skipping periods, right? When have you "skipped" a period? When you've gone 6 weeks since the last period? 8 weeks?

Thanks for any advice,


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Jul 10, 2013
Irregularity and predicting final period?
by: Wray

Hi Elle Bless you for the kind words! I wish I could answer your question, but Peri-menopause is an impossible time, well it was for me! Looking back I suppose 20 months would be about the time I experienced the erratic cycles, certainly the last year was impossible. It's not something I've looked into so thanks for the info. There are some women who've written in saying after no period for 6 months they suddenly started up again, it's such an unpredictable phase in our lives. And what is irregular, I was so unconscious about mine, I couldn't tell you how long they were. I only knew when they became irregular because the bleeding was. Sometimes I'd spot, sometimes flood, so I knew something was up. I would not regard a day or two as out, as that can occur with anyone at any age. Several days would be nearer the mark, so your 16 days and the 32 and 33 days would fit the bill. Now you're back to the 27 or 28 days, but as you say "I think"! That about sums it up. No amount of progesterone will regulate the cycle, not once the ovaries are beginning to shut down. This is why I suggest to women going through P-M to use it daily and ignore the cycle. We'd go demented trying to follow it! I actually began using progesterone daily when my cycles were still regular, as each time I took a break my symptoms came back. They always felt worse than they had been too, I suppose being symptom free was such a relief the contrast was so great. We do have a page on Menopause you could look through, to see what's next in store for you. No where near as bad an P-M. So I haven't been much help in answering your question! Take care Wray

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