by Antoinette

Hi, I have had insomnia for last 9 months and have been on diazapam to help me sleep. I have tried unsucesfully to taper off the low dose many times. I have recently seen an integrated medical practitioner who suggested bioidentical progesterone 100mg oral capsule as apparently my progesterone is low. I am also taking a number of other suppliments he suggested such as tryptophan and Seriphos. I haven't started the progesterone yet - he advised to take on days 5-25 of my cycle. Once I have finished with the diazapam I am hoping to try and get pregnant as I have been waiting for over a year to start trying. I see from some other posts that you say taking progesterone throughout the cycle can prevent getting pregnant - is this the case or is it ok to take from days 5-25 as Dr has suggested? Also wondering if insomnia tends to re-surface of the days you are not taking it for those who have been advised to take this to help with sleep issues? many thanks, Antoinette

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