Insomnia for 8 years.

by Kami

HI, I am new to this site and have struggled with insomnia for 8 years when a doctor read my saliva test and said that my progesterone was too high. I have had hormone problems since I have ben 15. Diagnosed with chronic fatigue at 23. I believe it to be low Progesterone all along. I had to have progesterone shots for the first 14 weeks of each of the 3 pregnancies I have had to sustain them. Now I haven't been able to sleep and get stimualted by the progesterone (10mg). I am on bi-est and do ok with that alone, but when I add in progesterone, bam. I can't sleep at all. I am afraid to try a high dose of progesterone. From my symptoms, I shouldn't take anything less than 200-400mg a day. How do I start? Can it be good from the start? Could it really just calm me at night and I would be able to sleep? Should I continue my bi-est? I take .5ml a day. It is 2.5mg/g and 80% estradiol. I seem to have low estogen by blood test and symptoms. I am also on cytomel. 12.5mcg's a day for low thyroid. I am 46 and my cycle has pretty much stopped this last year. I have had a weight problem since age 15 and now have cellulite on thighs, and upper arms. Any suggestions on starting the cream and what to expect?

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May 20, 2014
started progesterone
by: Kami

HI, I decided to start with 200mg today and I seem to be wired and have lots of energy. No calmness. Could this mean I need more? Is this estrogen dominance? Thank you.

May 20, 2014
by: Kami

with this type of stimulation from 200mg of progesterone, I wonder how I will get to sleep? Should I consider using more than 200 at night?

Thank you,

May 21, 2014
First day
by: Kami

SO I had my first day on the progesterone. I ended up needing 300mg during the day to keep the estrogen dominance down. Then at night I started with 220mg and realling didn't get into deep sleep. I was up at 1:40 then added a little then again at 3:30 I added some and at 5:00am added a little more and then I finally felt my body get calm and slept a very short time. Maybe 20 or 30 min, but it was good to finally feel my body get calm. I have not felt that since Dec 2006. Now for the sleep to come. What has to change for the sleep to come?

For the last 2 years, I have taking my hormones in the am only and my sleep got better doing that routine. The SHBG is what carries the hormones through the 24 hours. It takes the body a couple of weeks to get used to it. I am not sure if it really works. Anyone hear of that? I was told that by a doctor who does research.

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