Ingredients of Natpro vs Serenity and Source Naturals

Hello, I originally used Serenity prog cream. It really suited me but I ran out and needed some in a hurry so the next month I got Source Natural cream. It didn't work. It made me feel ill and it gave me a rash all over which took several days to fade! I want to give Nat pro a try but I would like to know where the progesterone comes from. The Source Naturals prog came from soy which doesn't normally agree with me if I eat it so I'm guessing it caused the rash. Please can you tell me where the prog in Natpro comes from or any other insights you may have as to why SN cream didn't work. I used a lot of it!
Also using progesterone cream seems to make me really thirsty until I get over the initial oestrogen symptoms. Is this common?

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May 12, 2014
Ingredients of Natpro vs Serenity and Source Naturals
by: Joy

Hi there

Please see here for the contents of Natpro, it contains 2000mg of progesterone, whereas Serenity contains 1260mg. Please read this post on how progesterone is made. Because of the synthesising of progesterone, it would not be the soy causing the rash, but rather some other ingredient in the cream.

I have never heard of progesterone making one thirsty, I do know that it is a symptom that diabetics suffer with. Perhaps you need to be tested.

May 14, 2014
by: Anonymous

I just want to say that I have completely stopped the cream due to it making my adrenal fatigue a whole lot worse! I have since read it shouldnt be used until the adrenals are stronger.

May 15, 2014
Ingredients of Natpro vs Serenity and Source Naturals
by: Joy

Progesterone is calming hormone and very beneficial to the adrenals as it lessens the Stress response. If you have adrenal fatigue it could be your sodium is too low. Please consider taking 1/2tsp salt in some warm water, this might help, see here.

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