Infrequent menstrual cycle

by Lindsay
(Canton, GA)

I've had an infrequent menstrual cycle since getting off the pill. What natural/herbal remedies are there that would help regulate a normal menstrual cycle in order to conceive?

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Jul 05, 2008
Infrequent menstrual cycle
by: Wray

Hi Lindsay. Progesterone can be used to regulate a cycle. In fact it's the only natural thing I know that will. I will give the web link on how to use it for this, plus the link on using it for conception and pregnancy.

Do hope this helps, take care Wray

Nov 26, 2008
Infrequent menstruation
by: Anonymous

My wife did ivf and had an embryo transplant on September 7th and menstruated on September 21st. She did not menstruate for the whole of October but started menstruating again this November. Can she be said to be pregnant?


Dec 01, 2008
Infrequent menstruation
by: wray

Hi Victor If she menstruated on the 21st September, then she would not be pregnant. I hope she had her progesterone levels checked beforehand.

She should have been given progesterone after the IVF, as this is a critical part of the treatment. You might like to look at the web page we have on pregnancy, I'll give the link below:

Take care Wray

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