Infertility,PCOS,Low Vit D,Normal lab test?

by Misty Trindade

Hi my name is Misty and I have problems with non ovualtory cycles. I get a cycle every month 32-45 days. I have been having alot of issues with Anxiety and moodiness. In the past before I had my 2 Clomid baby's. I used to take Progesterone CD 14-28 to help with my sx. I believe I took 100mg daily. I'm thinking about starting again. But I also would love to have a 3rd child with out Clomid this time. I read your wonderful article and just want to make sure I take it on the right days. You stated 15-28 this is not going to prevent ovulation correct? I'm supplementing Vit D. But I was told to start Vitb6 and coQ10. Do you agree? My previous Dr called in a special compound mixed progesterone with olive oil in gel capsule form. Please help This Anxiety it driving me looney. Thank you Misty

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