by Arline
(Gauteng )


I'm turning 30 in April, and I've had two miscarriages to date with no successful pregnancy, I've done a lot of research and came across your website, and I was wondering can I use clomid to ovulate and start Crinone the day after ovulation? Or how does it work and what is the best way to use these to medications together if you can use them together? I stopped smoking last year 6 February cause we wanted to start trying never knew it would be such a emotional roller coaster, You always hear how other people are struggling and never think it can happen to you, Im drinking Folic acid forte and preg omaga. I read about Vitamin D but all the supplements I find has cod liver oil and contain Vitamin A, and I have read a lot of horrible thing about taking vitamin A during pregnancy. I want to start the clomid on my next cycle, but wanted to find out first if it can be used together with Crinone

thank you

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Jan 28, 2015
by: Wray

Hi Arline Please don't take Clomid! It can cause cancer, see here, and here. The doctors are daft! You don't need it. If you've had two miscarriages it means you are ovulating and able to fall pregnant! What you do need to do is get your Vitamin D up high, and use progesterone. A lack of both these can cause miscarriages, see here, here and here. And please read through our page on Pregnancy and this page here for more info on How to use Progesterone Cream. We also have a page on Infertility. Take care Wray

Jan 30, 2015
by: Arline

Hallo Wray

I did a thousand online searches for Vitamin D supplements, and a found a few one of which i found here : but it said on the webside not to use during pregnancy, and the rest I found had high volumes of vitamin A, do you maybe know where I can get vitamin D supplements. this could be my problem as I never go into the sun with out SPF 50 sunscreen, my skin is extremely sensitive to sun light.

thank you very much

Jan 30, 2015
by: Wray

Hi Arline On the vitamin D link I gave you, you'll find excellent supplements. Dr Cannell had them formulated according to his specs. Plus you will see a page devoted to pregnancy and vitamin D. I've given you the link here. But instead of buying from overseas, why not get in touch with Joy, our distributor in South Africa, via her website here. She can supply you with good vitamin D, and give you advice on it Plus she can advise you on How to use Progesterone Cream. It's not good to take too much vitamin A, as it blocks the uptake of vitamin D. Better to eat it in a natural form i.e. liver. Your skin is so sensitive to the sun probably because your vitamin D is too low, it protects the skin. Please, please have a test done. This is probably the reason you have had miscarriages. And it's pointless using a 50SPF, you can read why on the link you'll find on the vitamin D page I gave you. But here's the link again. The website also goes into how dangerous most sunscreens are, as the main chemicals used to block the sun are carcinogens. Are you using one of those, please check. Before you start any vitamin D, please have that test done, Pathcare do them. Take care Wray

Feb 01, 2015
by: Joy

Hi Arline

I am a distributor for Natpro and live in Cape Town, if I can help you please contact me via my website see here.

Take care.

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