Increased to 120mg

by Shannon

Hi -
This site is very educational, thank you!
My hormones were tested on day 10 of a 24 day cycle, which I now know is not reliable info. However, my progesterone was .3 and my Estrodiol was 387. I started taking 10mg, then 20mg about a week and a half ago. Yesterday I decided to bump it up to 120mg. Today I feel really weird, heart feels weird and I feel like I have no attention for anything. My thoughts seem strange. I see that this is probably Estrogen Dominance...but am unsure whether to increase or wait it out.
I typed up my story on a post a few days ago, but never saw it on this page.

Basically wondering if I should hold at 120mg for now. I am also tapering Remeron, an antidepressant. I have 4 weeks of tapering left until I am done with that, thank goodness

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Mar 19, 2015
Increased to 120mg
by: Wray

Hi Shannon Thanks for the kind words about the site. Your hormones should have been tested ±7 days before bleeding, i.e. day 17. Your progesterone was low, but then it should be, so the test is no use for finding your ratio. You are suffering from Oestrogen Dominance, it usually occurs when first starting progesterone. It's always impossible to give advice on how to proceed as it is a question of trial and error. I err on the side of high amounts as I know they work, but it does mean symptoms can be bad until they get better. Please have a Vitamin D, it could be this is all you need. A low level can cause depression. Please see our page on Anxiety. Take care Wray

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