Increased Progesterone to 400mg, feeling better! and question re: supplements

by Chloe


Hope everyone is doing well. I posted on the site often about two weeks ago with great news, then fell into a big slump. I needed to increase my dosage but was afraid to. But, since I have there has been a good improvement. I went from 200mg, then 300, then 400mg. That made all the difference in the world. I had to do something, from all the reading I have done here I knew it was estrogen dominance being woken up by the new progesterone use, but I really had to struggle to keep that in mind, so I wouldn't quit. I am so glad I didn't. Over 20 years of BCP and Aldactone use, plus PCOS required a higher dosage for me. I will continue without a break for 3 months, then reevaluate. I have no cycle to begin with, I think? Unless that bleeding that occurred a week or so into using the cream was a true menstrual bleed. I would have gone crazy if I didn't have this site to refer to. One morning was so bad, I felt like an exposed nerve, so anxious, feelings of doom, and how could I get through the day. I had zero patience, felt like I was coming out of my skin. That's when I knew I had to increase the dose.

I do need some questions answered re: my supplements, if any of them are redundant or am I missing some key supplements? I take quite a few for the PCOS and MTHFR.

N-Acetyl Cysteine 2,000 mg
Milk Thistle 350 mg
Vitamin-D3 5,000-7,000 IU
Deplin (methylated folic acid, medical food) for MTHFR
High dose quality Fish Oils 1,500 mg
Magnesium Citrate for mag. deficiency 500mg
DIM 200mg
Whole food multi vitamin
Recently stopped Vitex, thinking about Maca instead

I read about tyrosine, inositol , maca, selenium, 5-HTP, glucarate etc.

Should I add, subtract or modify, if anyone is versed in this area. It would be very helpful both financially and again to know I not causing harm, or missing something.

Thank you!

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Sep 04, 2014
Chloe Progesterone 400mg
by: Cindy

Hi its Cindy and I thought Id chime in when I saw in your post about maca and say I tried maca root before because its supposed to help with excess estrogen and " for me " it made me worse I became grumpy and mean and im a nice person so i looked it up on google and one thing i read , don't remember where is that it increases testosterone so in the garbage it went and i felt better after a day or so . I take about 250 mg of progesterone a day it has helped me tremendously and I wish I used this much when I was a young mother and needed more patience because it surly does help with that .

Sep 05, 2014
Hi Cindy
by: Chloe

The exact same thing happened to me, I should have said " try Maca again" I have a box off Maca Harmony lying around from a year or so ago. I took it for two days, in another attempt to get off BCP'S. I really didn't care for how it made me feel. I figured it was other things going on, but know that you mention it, that's how I felt on it. Thank you, I don't want to revisit that feeling again. I sometimes wonder when I hear people take things like Vitex and Maca, or another similar herb/ adaptogen, along with progesterone cream...... If they compete or cancel each other out? We're trying to make progesterone dominant, then taking a regulator of sorts makes me wonder if it's effecting that too? Just a passing thought. Thanks again!

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