Increase or decrease progesterone dose?

Hi all,
I have been using progesterone cream to treat hormonal hair loss for two cycles now (10%, 300mg a day, transdermal, day 10-26). I was prescribed bioidentical progesterone cream due to low progesterone levels caused by the pill, which I had been taking for 10 years and which was expected to have caused the hair loss. After going off the pill, I had my first period after 7 weeks.

I started using the cream during the second “post-pill” cycle, and my hair loss got better immediately after only one week of using progesterone. I had no period after this cycle. I continued using the cream for the next cycle on the (calculated) day 10. In the second cycle, the hair loss worsened a lot again. I experienced a spotting for 3 days (day 19-21), but again had no period after ending the cycle.
I was now told by my doctor to further increase the dose of progesterone cream for the next cycle, starting with 100mg on day 6 and then steadily increasing to 400mg during the last days of the cycle.

I am a bit worried because the hair loss has worsened a lot and I did not get my period since I started using the cream. Should I really further increase the dosage?

Any advice is much appreciated, thanks!!

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May 11, 2018
Increase or decrease progesterone dose?
by: Joy

Progesterone does disrupt the cycle when first using it, the body needs time to adjust. You are using a 10% cream, advice given on this website is for a 3% cream where 100-200mg progesterone cream is recommended, increasing if no positive results are achieved. The cream should be used during your luteal phase but as your period has not returned I suggest that you use the cream every day until the body adjusts and your cycle becomes regular. I feel that you do not need to increase the amount of cream, but please discuss with your doctor.

Please read these pages.

How to use Progesterone Cream

Estrogen Dominance

Hair Loss

May 12, 2018
by: Anonymous

Thanks Joy for the links and info. I will increase the dose for one more cycle and then see how things go..

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