by silly sue
(fort Worth TX)

I am 47. I have missed a period before but generally they are right on time. However, in the last 6 months I have started bleeding during ovulation. And incontinence always gets really bad just before and during my period. I don't have any hot flashes or anything. Maybe cold flashes? I'm confused cause I've read low estrogen can affect incontinence but when I took the test it shows excessive estrogen and estrogen dominance. Will progesterone help the incontinence problem and or make it worse. I'm guessing it will however help the bleeding during ovulation? Thank you S

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Oct 07, 2013
by: Wray

Hi Sue Excess oestrogen can cause Incontinence, it's also one of the side effects of taking HRT with it's added oestrogen. You are now in the last years of Peri-menopause. Unless your mother had a late menopause, daughters tend to follow the same pattern as their mothers. Cycles do become very erratic, so much so that it's pointless trying to follow the cycle when using progesterone. When you say bleeding during ovulation, is this a normal period or spotting? Some women spot during ovulation, it's caused by the follicle bursting, and in no way is it dangerous. Progesterone does help incontinence. It could also be you're short of magnesium, and have excess calcium. This would cause the bladder to spasm resulting in incontinence. Although your symptoms tie in so well with your cycle, it's almost certainly due to the withdrawal of progesterone prior to bleeding which has caused it. This withdrawal leaves oestrogen dominant, there's more info on our Oestrogen Dominance page. Progesterone does help Hot Flushes, the cold ones usually come after them, as I know too well! It's unusual you only have the cold ones, or maybe the rising heat is so minimal you don't notice it, until you feel cold. Take care Wray

Nov 20, 2013
by: Silly sue

I started using progesterone cream about a month ago. just the 20mg once a day. I forget to use it in the morning. but it helped so much with the bleeding in between periods (during ovulatuon) that I really started to read more on your website. also cause a friend was diagnosed over with fibroids and I ordered all the supplements for her and it has really helped. a lot! OK back to me haha I started using more cream more regularly bit still would only once a day then I realized the incontinence was so much better!! now I'm remembering to use it twice a day. :) I take magnesium, probably more than I should. Lol 400-800 a day. helps with constipation. I think my sensitivity to cold and being cold all the time had to do with thyroid(iodine) deficiency. Started taking Modifilan brown seaweed. almost a month ago. my resting heart rate used to be low 50s Sometimes as low as 48 after coffee with 2 shots of expresso. Lol. I work nights btw. :) I take used to take alive vitamins and found out they aren't good for iodine deficiency so now am taking a better one. I also take krill oil astaxanthin and 1mg melatonin to help me sleep in the morning. and vitamin d3 5000. I am feeling so much better. with the progesterone and brown seaweed. heart is more normal and incontinence way better. love your website. so much info!! God bless you and yours.

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