Im not sure did you get my asnwer:D-vitamin is not my problem

by Helena

Hi Wray!

Thank you for your extra answers Wray!!

I'm trying to find out whether my lifestyle too much estrogen or testosterone-enhancing substances ..

I'll post more in this message may be again, because I'm not sure did you get this new answer already ??

I am sending this yet regarding vitamin D, because I am well aware that my country, the levels are low due to lack of sun. My Vitamin D levels are measured and are, however, good!!!

Problem can not be vitamin D because I've been in doctor and make a clinical test result, and i have D-vitamin much more than the normal level.
I have used large amounts of vitamin D for many years. 8000IU per day in capsule form. Today, now, one month I used herbal vitamin D, which you have recommend earlier in your website.
It is Nature answer / VitaminD3 drops in extra virgin olive oil 4000IU / 2drops. I'll take the 5 drops per day, as you recommend.

These are my symptoms are manifested since August and worse all the time.

I have been on thyroid test but the values ​​are normal.

The only new product that I have used for about a year is collagen powder to the skin and ligaments and Bouns. Name of the Best Collagen Types 1 & 3 / 6,600mg per day, and it contains 6,600mg from pharmaseutical food grade bovine collagen and below typical amounts of the each amino acid:
Glysine 22.3%, Proline 13.5%, 12.7%, hydroxyproline, glutamine acid, 9.3%, 8.3% Alamine, argine 7.7%, 5.6%, aspartic acid, lysine 4.1%, 3.27% serine, leucine 2.9%, 2.4%, an instrument, phenylalanine2%, thereonine1,9%, Isoleucine 1.3%, methionine0,78%, histidine0,77%, hydroxylysine0,7% tyrosine0,4% , cystine0,08%.

but with this product I have used a year and only now, since August is symptoms worsened and increased.These are my symptoms are manifested since August and worse all the time. Should I quit collage?

And still I continued to use my progestrone Cream the use of the night when I wake up constantly, but I do not get relief from my symptoms?

should I continue the use of large amounts of cream and, if so, how much?

Ps.I did not understand who is Nita and I could not find her knowledge of anything. In addition, Norway is a long way and not close to Finland. I found a website you gave me, but onlu Norwegian, nothin in englis,but anyway I have senda message their website for the and hope somebody will contact me. There was no mention at all some Nita.
Tahnk you for that information anyway!!

I have been using progesterone for many years and I hope that you could help me in the further and answer my questions,as in the past you have helped me, please! In Finland, one doctor does not recommend natural progesterone!No one!! They allways recommend estrogen-only so I can´t get help from my own country!!!
Wray do not leave me now, I need your help to really believe that I can survive!!

Best regards,

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