I'm confused and scared, think I'm losing my mind and health

by Mary

I posted somewhere else on the site and not sure if it was the right place or not.

I have been for years had this low shaking/tremor thing. It is now progressively getting worse and intolerable. It is now accompany's major panic and anxiety.

I have been to ER's 3 times and told it was anxiety. Been to my family doctor and told it is anxiety. I was given Paxil and have been on this for 4 yrs now. I've seen all the "ologists" and was told I had fibromyalgia, was given meds but never took those. I had ultrasounds of the abdomen, only showing a small cyst on left ovary. EKG's for chest pains, arm squeezing, numbness tingling thrpught out the body. Iam seeing a psychiatrist and says I need to stay on paxil for the anxiety.

I went and saw my OB and was told to stay on paxil as I maybe in perimenopause. This was all years ago. Things are now getting tremendously worse. The shaking/tremors are so severe I can't function right, it is hard to even walk normally. I don't appear super shaky to others I guess but I feel inside like I have Mad Cow disease!

I had a saliva test done showing low progesterone and High cortisol levels. Was put on a supplement called Pregnenalone. This made everything worse. The cortisol supplements helped and are called Seriphos and Cortisol Manager. Things got a little better after stopping the pregnenalone and taking the cortisol supplements.

They did alot of blood work and because of my symtoms they thought I have Lyme disease. I was put on certain herbal and conventional meds. Things seemed worse and then did get bad. I had blood tests for Lyme 3x and each they said was negative but said those tests are unreliable and show false negatives predominately. I was given supplements aftersupplements only to keep getting worse and not better. I have had acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, this bio feedback therapy called the Ondamed. All for NOT. No relief. Sometimes, for a day or two, I would think things were looking brighter, only to wake up awful, yet again.

I saw a different doctor and was told to stop the cortisol supplements and was given progesterone cream. The first 4 days I seen a glimmer of hope and actually felt somewhat better. But, day 5 on the cream, I woke up like all the other years with extreme shaking where my husband can feel it shake the bed. I got super dizzy, lightheaded, and tried to eat a protein bar as it felt like I was going to pass out. Hypoglycemia? I neve had blood sugar issues before and I'm 45, no family history of it either. Very frightening. Which then just fuels the anxiety which then fuels the panic and fear. I simply can't function, hold a job, or even leave the house. Where has my life gone to?

My symptoms are many and most on the peri menopause list.
Cold hands/feet
Dizziness/light headed/hypoglycemic
Joint aches and pains
Muscle cramping
Low progesterone/ low very low vit. D. (9)
Heavy flow menstruation/cramps/pms, 7 days long
Spider veins, easy bruising
Candida systemic chronic, probably for years, am taking Nystatin
Thin skin, dry skin early aging
Thinning hair/hair falling out, had to cut it short
Blurry vision, dry eyes
Ear ringing/tinnitus
Brittle nails
GI problems/ constipation to fluctuating diahrrea dignosed with IBS
Itchy skin comes and goes
Sore breasts cystic breasts
High cortisol levels
High iron/copper levels
Sensitivities/allergy type reactions, never had allergies ever
Times where I'm nauseous and can't eat/losing weight as I am very thin to begin with. Probably due to anxiety and panic
Incessantly crying especially during the morning and daytime. For No apparent reason

Headaches/migraines never had issues before, typical now and again headaches
Low back pains
All blood tests come back normal, so they tell me, never got paper results

I am a complete mess and seem to be spiraling downward and my husband is so confused and seems so lost as well.

I used to be so independant and self sufficient, now I'm afraid to be alone for fear of passing out or some odd thing happening. Not to mention the extreme anxiety scares me to almost being frozen and an inability to mentally function.

I upped my progesterone to 10ml from 5ml twice a day, and it did seem to help but not like the first 4 days. Im still anxious, shaking, hypoglycemic, dizzy. I called my doctor and asked if I could get a higher dosage. They are to get back to me, but they didn't think that would be good to do. I got my cream compounded and was scripted to take it as follows....

5ml from day 1-12
10ml from day 13-21
Maybe a months worth, but double dosing I will be out in weeks and not sure if they will perscribe another one now....

Oh God please let this end....I am simply losing my mind! Any suggestions/advice?
What is the comparison with 100mg/200mg. To. 5ml / 10ml? I tried reading all the information on the sight but can't seem to comprehend it all. Feeling overwhelmed and nothing sinking in. Foggy brain....
Please help, what do you all think? Is this really perimenopause?
Thank you

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Feb 28, 2013
I can relate
by: Annette

Hi Mary. After what I've been through I would suggest nothing less than 1000 milligrams a day with your symptoms. Those low amounts you are taking will just make you sicker. I would order natpro ASAP... Also start taking 20000 ius of vitamin d a day. Your level is really bad that alone could explain alot of your symptoms. I hope this helps.

Feb 28, 2013
losing my mind
by: peg

I had almost all the same symptoms. I got on 50 mg progestrone cream twice a day. I also am taking women to women severe hormonal imbalance vitamins, herbal equilibrium and omega 3s. I take 10,000 IU of vitamin D3 and now the Dr has me on 200 mg prometrium pill. I love it! I have lost almost 30 lbs since my hysterectomy. I still have my ovaries. Please check out the natpro cream on here. Also women to women web site. They all save
d my life. My husband left me before my surgery for another woman
So I am dealing with that on top of my health. My health is winning
I look great for 49. Been taken for 36. So as a GiGi of three here and another on the way. I answer to God and myself now. And he lives in
Her 1 bedroom low income built in the 70s with white mold apartment. Lol

Mar 02, 2013
I'm confused and scared, think I'm losing my mind and health
by: Wray

Hi Mary I have answered your other page, the link is here. Take care Wray

Mar 03, 2013
I'm confused and scared, think I'm losing my mind and health is deteriorating
by: Joy

Hi Mary

Please follow Wray's advise on the quantities to be used. She has explained it all to you on a previous post, she has given you the link.

Wishing you good health soon.

Mar 03, 2013
I can relate
by: Wray

Hi Annette It's good to hear from you again! And thanks for your support. I would love everyone to use 1000mg/day, then no one would get oestrogen dominance! It's so very safe too, Emory University have done a study on exceptionally high levels, higher than you're using, and found no signs of toxicity at all, only benefit, see here. Take care Wray

Mar 03, 2013
losing my mind
by: Wray

Hi Peg Thanks so much for your support! So pleased to hear you're so well after the trauma you've been through. So you finally did have the hyst, I'm glad it's worked out well for you. Thank heavens they left your ovaries. And how kind of you to encourage Mary, we all need support from each other. Take care Wray

May 01, 2013
by: Anonymous

Have you had your thyroid levels checked? A lot of your symptoms are like those of hyperthyroidism. And have you been tested for adrenal fatigue? The thyroid and adrenal glands work together and if one or both are not working correctly it can cause major problems. Reseach your symptoms and possible causes on the internet. There's a lot you can learn about your health problems that way. Good luck and hang in there!

Dec 12, 2016
by: Andrew

Hey Mary try Ozone Therapy or hyperbaric ozone.

Both can solve your problems.

Feb 09, 2018
Adrenal fatigue
by: Anonymous

Lovely, this is classic adrenal fatigue!!! Check out adrenal fatigue awareness on Instagram! Your symptoms are text book!!!

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