I'm a male with a prolactinoma and was on hydrocortisone for adrenal insufficiency.

by Kevin

10 years ago I was diagnosed with a macroprolactinoma.

I had secondary hypogonadism and a whole load of other hormonal imbalances.

Today I am off the hydrocortisone as my adrenals have started working I'm told but I will forever be on the cabergoline as my tumour keeps wanting to grow.

What I have noticed is whenever i'm stressed or worried about something I begin to get strange symptoms.

I begin firstly to bloat up all over... face and body and my nipples get sensitive and puffy similar to when I stop taking my cabergoline..

I then begin to feel flu and allergy like symptoms and have an overwhelming need to sleep.

This all begins an hour after the stressor.

It can be a workout at the gym.... or just worrying about a situation.

It got me thinking maybe my adrenals are working but not working enough to cope with stressful situations and then I read that progesterone cream could help with adrenal issues but just wanted to see what others thought in my situation if it would be helpful or cause other issues.


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