I think I'm ready to try Natpro

Hi Wray, I have read so many articles on your site and they are all very helpful, although some leave me feeling confused.

After my hysterectomy recently, (removal of ovaries, fibroid uterus but leaving cervix), at aged 52 I was determined not to take HRT, having never wanting to take the contraceptive pill during my younger days.
A few days after coming out of hospital, the hot flashes came with a vengeance and then the anxiety and worthless feelings followed. I continued with taking my dong quai and red clover, as well as rhodiola rosea for my stress symptoms, but I have just got worse and worse. My bloated (fat) belly isnt going away and I feel almost suicidal.

Its now nearly 11 weeks since the op and I am trying so hard to get back to normal and find myself a job, I just lose it when I get into the interview. I cannot remember what I was going to say next, word blindness and all sorts. I feel really desperate. My doctor has prescribed Oestrodial patches 50mg, and I have been using them for 2 weeks now, and the only thing I have noticed is a slight reduction in the hot flashes.

I am awaiting some blood tests for my progesterone level as well as testosterone, thyroid, liver, cholesterol levels which should be through any day now, (although my doctor was very anti progesterone, saying I didn't need it now I don't have my ovaries. I insisted I wanted to know the levels!

I so want to try the progesterone cream, because from what I have gathered from reading your articles, the symptoms I am experiencing is due to the lack if progesterone... right? What I really need to know is, should I abandon the patches, before they get a hold, and start to use the cream in the large doses you suggest at first? If so, how much (in tsps) should I use daily and for how long, because obviously that is going to be using quite a few tubes for months and months.

Further, given that for the first 8 weeks after my op, (surgical HRT) I was not taking the HRT and using only herbal phytoestrogens, will my body still have a huge excess of estrogen? I have stopped taking the phytoestrogens as I wondered if they assisted in the build up or are they beneficial? I take multivitamins, omega 3, calcium and vitamin D, plus glucosamine.

I now realise that I have obviousy been living with excess estrogen in my body for years, given the problems I have experienced and the operations I have had. The worst thing about all this is, that I probably didn't need any of them if I had had the correct level of progesterone. From around aged 38 my periods just got worse and were unbearable, I couldn't live a normal life suffering from such huge blood loss, was anaemic and things just went on and on from there, finally ending up with my hysterectomy, for which I now feel such a sense of loss as I think it was probably totally uneccessary! I feel robbed and desperate, through not understanding my own body before it was too late.

I can't get over the feeling of doom and feel I have done unseen damage and ruined the body I was blessed with. Having always been complimented on looking so much younger for my age, I feel I am on a downhill spiral to ending up looking so much older having had all my bits unnecessarily taken away... please help.

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Sep 15, 2010
Re: I think I'm Ready to try Natpro
by: Anonymous

The good news is you can help yourself with natural progesterone...I think I would fire the doctor that says you don't need it. I am sad a doctor convinced you that a hysterectomy was the only way to correct your estrogen dominance symptoms. However, moving forward you can help yourself even without your doc. I personally would not be taking any estrogen. Most of my research has indicated it is almost rarely necessary to place a women on estrogen and if it needed YOU NEVER USE estrogen without natural progesterone. So there again, I would fire your doctor because already you are learning more than he/she knows. I too was suicidal and it took a large dose of natural progesterone to correct it. I will tell you that the extreme suicidalness did go away immediately once my dose was up to about 300 mg. Don't wait another day suffering, get yourself some natural progesterone. For me, there is no doubt it saved my life. Good luck!

Sep 16, 2010
PS - my progesterone levels...
by: Anonymous

By way of a PS to my note above, I had the results back from the blood tests and according to the doc, my serum progesterone level is 1 NMOL/L and Plasma testosterone level is 1.5 NMOL/L (0.5 - 2.6) and I have absolutely no idea what this means. Thyroid is fine but he said my liver was slightly above the normal reading.. Plasma fasting glucose level 4.8 MMOL/L (3.0 - 5.5).

I know you state that you tend not to go by test results, rather symptoms, but are you able to advise me on my progesterone levels according to the above test results? Many many thanks in advance.

Sep 19, 2010
I think I'm ready to try Natpro
by: Wray

Hi there It does sound as if you needed progesterone, as it's excellent for heavy bleeding. Oestrogen is a mitogen, it stimulates cells to grow. Vital in stimulating the endometrium each month to grow and thicken ready for a possible fertilised egg. But in excess it stimulates cells to continue growing. MMP?s are enzymes that break down protein. They play a role in the breakdown of endometrial tissues at the end of the menstrual cycle. If they are over active, as would be the case with excess oestrogen in the body, as oestrogen stimulates their production, the result is a pathological reaction. A high level of MMP?s can lead to inflammation and excessive bleeding in the uterus. If a low level of progesterone is present, and a high level of oestrogen, the lining will continue to grow. With a high level of MMP?s the lining will also continue to break down. Progesterone suppresses both MMP?s and oestrogen. As for the patches you've been given, I don't believe you need them. Please see our page on HRT. Fibroids are also caused by excess oestrogen, please see this page on Fibroids. I recommend between 100-200mg/day, but it's entirely dependant on symptoms. For instance if your hot flushes are debilitating you need to use 400mg/day or 12ml or 2.5 tsp, for 4-5 days. This dramatically reduces or stops them, then reduce the amount till you find the optimum. I'm not in favour of phytoestrogens, as you point out they are giving you extra oestrogen which you don't need, albeit in very small amounts. I don't believe you need extra calcium, more often than not we are short of magnesium and not calcium. Vitamin D is a must and should be a minimum of 5000iu's/day. For more info please see the Vitamin D council website. Vitamin D needs magnesium and B6 to work effectively. Please consider having a test done as inflammation (heavy bleeding/fibroids) is a sign of a lack of vitamin D. A lack also reduces the benefits of progesterone. But before you start using progesterone, please see our page on Oestrogen Dominance. The hyst has put you into menopause, so you might like to look at this page we have on Menopause. Take care Wray

Oct 05, 2010
PS - my progesterone levels...
by: Wray

Hi there I'm so pleased the progesterone helped you, but it does have to be high if symptoms are severe, 300mg/day is a very good dose. Your test result for progesterone only proves why you were suicidal, if it was taken at the correct time, ie ±7 days after ovulation, which is ±7 days before bleeding. It's extremely low. I'll give the levels below.......
Female (follicular) < 1 ng/ml or <3.18 nmol/L
Female (luteal) 5 to 20 ng/ml or 15.9 ? 63.6 nmol/L
Medline Progesterone
If it was taken when it should be, ie in the luteal phase, it reflects a level for the follicular phase. Unfortunately you don't give me the oestrogen result, it's the ratio between the two hormones which is critical when looking at the levels. If you have them, divide the progesterone by the oestrogen result, it should be over 600:1 to feel well. Progesterone must be the dominant hormone. Your testosterone is within the normal range.....
Testosterone (serum)
Female 30 - 95 ng/dL or 1.041 - 3.297 nmol/L
Medline Testosterone
Your glucose is normal too......
Glucose (fasting)
Normal levels <100 mg/dL or <5.55 mmol/L
Levels between 100 - 126 mg/dL or 5.55 mmol/L - 6.99 mmol/L may indicate impaired fasting glucose or insulin resistance
Diabetes >126 mg/dL or >6.99 mmol/L
Medline Glucose
Take care Wray

May 25, 2012
hrt and herbil remedys
by: Anonymous

I have been taking hrt for 1yr and want to go onto rhodiola rosea but can i take both as i dont want to stop my hrt.thank you jean.

May 26, 2012
hrt and herbil remedys
by: Wray

Hi Jean There are no contraindications for using rhodiola and HRT. But you might want to look through our HRT page and reconsidering taking it. I'm not sure why you were given it, but there natural alternatives for the symptoms it's normally given for. You might like to read our page on Menopause. Take care Wray

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