I think I prefer the cream after all!

by Becca
(Los Angeles, CA)


I'm so happy to have found this site!

I've been searching for help and info about Progesterone (something I have been a fan of for some years)...

In the hands of a couple of different "Hormone Specialists" (mostly for Hypothyroid issues) I have been prescribed 100 mg and now (since the last 6 mths) 200 mg of Progesterone capsules. (bio-identical to my knowledge). This latest "Dr" assumes that I have trouble sleeping...I tell him, my trouble is not sleeping...its Symptoms! Fix the symptoms & I sleep (& and have always slept, like a baby)

I had started using the cream myself before I had ever seen a Doctor, btw! I love it. I believe in it.

In recent weeks, I sort of put together a theory that, at night, when I want to go to sleep, I take my 200 mg Progesterone capsule...30 minutes later, I lay flat down to settle in to go to sleep and very soon after I start to experience Shortness of Breath, Heart Palpitations & Swirlyness in my head (its the only way I can describe it).

I have, for the last year been struggling with a severe bout of Hypothyroid and trying to get that sorted out...had my dose lowered now twice (am on T3 its at 75 mcg, once in the a.m.) So, of course I had put these symptoms down to something ELSE in a long, long list of symptoms that must be caused by the Hypo...(so many symptoms...)

Anyway, it just struck me a week ago...wait a minute...the last thing that happens before I lay flat down to sleep and experience these symptoms is...200 mg cap of Progesterone...

So, experiment....I stopped taking it and switched to the cream (paraben free, 500 mg of progesterone per ounce and 22 mg per 1/4 teaspoon) I use a teaspoon dose, thereabouts...once at night & some more in the morning)

I experienced...perfect sleep, no symptoms, more energy during the day, a startling LACK of symptoms I had hitherto assumed were due to the HYPO, a feeling of more emotional well-being (ie more positive), a feeling like I was not retaining water so much, less belly bloat...OMG!

Is it possible? Is this what I think it is? Would the 200 mg cap of progesterone at night actually CAUSE me problems? Why? Cortisol? I can't work it out...

Two Questions; 1. How do I tell my Dr (who is a bossy boots know-it-all) that I am switching to the cream, thank you very much instead of the 200 mg he thinks is the bees-knees...

& 2. How can I use the rest of the 200 mg pills topically...(they are powder inside the capsules...) Can I mix them with say, coconut oil or Vit E and rub it on, instead of wasting it? Its expensive! How do I know the dose that way?

I would appreciate any feedback. Best to ALL!!

Thanks so much for this site:) x

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Jan 18, 2014
I think I prefer the cream after all!!
by: Joy

Hi Becca

The website is truly a God send to so many desperate people, I was one of them! When conventional methods and misinformed doctors failed me, I found this website about 8/9 years ago and have visited it daily ever since. I too am a fan of natural progesterone and have been using progesterone cream for 10 years. When the brand I was using stopped working for me and my symptoms returned, I did my research and found this site.

I soon realised that the brand that I was using did not contain the correct amount of progesterone concentration, it was also thick making it difficult to absorb. Once I made the switch I have NEVER looked back. Take a look at this cream and compare it to the one you are using. Oral progesterone is NOT the best delivery method as 96% gets destroyed by the gut and liver which would explain your shortness of breath, heart palps etc. Using too little stimulates estrogen causing these dreadful symptoms, including weight gain/water retention. Please read Estrogen Dominance for a better understanding.

Nothing less than 300mg/3ml per day, possibly more depending on symptoms is the recommended amount of progesterone to use daily, using the correct cream of course. Otherwise you need to increase the amount of cream you are using to get to the required amount needed. How to use Progesterone cream will also help you to understand more - see here.

To answer you questions.....

How do you tell your doctor that you want to switch? Easy, tell 'bossy boots' it is your choice, your body and your right to make the switch! Suggest that he put himself in your body and do as he suggests, bet you he will not enjoy that. With all due respect to him, he is misinformed on progesterone and needs to read the research papers on oral progesterone.

How can I use the rest of the progesterone pills topically? I am afraid you can't, it will not dissolve in the oil.

Just one thing that I must mention as it is extremely important, Vitamin D. Do you know what your level is as a deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone, it is also connected to every single cell in our bodies making it vital.

Hope this helps you.

Jan 18, 2014
I think I prefer the cream after all!
by: Carol K

Hi there. Wray is taking a break so I thought I would try and give you my opinion - not as professional as hers my any means. You seem to have worked it out by yourself but firstly, taking Progesterone by mouth is not the best way, as it gets diluted (not sure if that is the right word) in the stomach and liver. Because you were absorbing such a small amount, you put your body into Estrogen Dominance, hence the symptoms you describe. As soon as you started using the cream, more Progesterone was absorbed, so you felt better. There is no one for all dosage. Go by your symptoms. Listen to your body and if you feel better, then you are doing it right.

Why do you have to report to your doctor? YOU are the customer and it's your body. If you want to tell him, then tell him the truth that what you have done is working for you. I have read that Wray has advised that you can use the powder from a capsule in a cream. I assume it is the same amount.Once again, just see how you FEEL. Good luck.

Jan 18, 2014
I think I prefer the cream after all!!
by: Joy

Hi Becca

Apologies, I made an error on the minimum about of cream to use daily. It should be nothing less than 100mg/3ml per day and NOT 300mg/3ml.

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