I think I need this cream but am unsure

by Debbie
(Elmira, NY USA)

I have been battling with extreme tiredness for almost 11 years. I was on the Depo shot for a year and I have been a mess since. I got pregnant in 2004 and lost a ton of weight (56 lbs) my lowest weight since going on Depo 6 years ealier. I was really sick during the pregnancy. I had horrible post partum depression. Muscle aches, dizziness, was told I had fibromyalgia, was told it was was in my head, anxiety, depression, I have been a wreck.

I cannot lose weight to save myself even though I eat less food than anyone I know, and am active. I am at my wits end. My gyno told me I had pcos, high estrogen and am gloucose intolerant. She came to this conclussion after me breaking down in her office after she was blowing me off again. She wants me to go on Yaz. I really do not want to do this because of the side effects and if you have high estrogen adding more does not make sense to me.

I am now only getting my period every other month and have migraine everyday. If I did not have my kids I think I'd end it. I am just miserable. so my question is what are the odds the cream will make it worse? And is it made with a soy product which I have read is bad for thyroids (have been hypo since age 8) so what effect will it have on my thyroid? Sorry this is so long.

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Oct 20, 2009
Trust your instincts
by: Jeannie

If you do not feel that synthetic estrogen birth control pills are a good idea, don't take them. If your doctor regularly blows you off, find a new doctor. If you feel that plant-based progesterone cream might help you, consider giving it a try and do some research. There's plenty of information out there.

Progesterone is necessary for healthy thyroid function. Eating a lot of soy foods will result in elevated levels of estrogen, which will result in progesterone inadequacy. Soy based progesterone creams will not do this. They do not increase estrogen levels (be careful not to get a cream that supplements both progesterone and estrogen, they are out there although very few people need additional estrogen).

Another supplement you might consider along with progesterone cream is pregnenolone, available in health food stores as a supplement. It regulates and balances the hormones produces and can be used along with progesterone cream. It can convert to progesterone but will not do so if levels are adequate. It also supports healthy thyroid function. Here is a link to a very basic article with information about both progesterone and pregnenolone and their functions in the body...

Best of luck and I think trusting your own insight and ability to find information and research is an excellent choice.

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