I need help on what to do on no progesterone break days!......

by Jaycee

I'm 43 yrs old with a history of hormone imbalance, depression and anxiety since I was 13 yea old. I was told It was a normal puberty thing in my teens. In my 20's I was put on birth control to regulate cycles and told I had poly cystic ovaries. After getting married and trying to concieve I was put on provera and chlomid, only to miscarry multiple times. I lost both tubes through ectopic pregnancies. moved on to IVF and successfully had children, yet hormone hell continues.

my gallbladder was removed at 32 yrs old. In the mean time my depression/anxiety spiraled and I was put on Zoloft which helped but killed my sex drive and gained 15 lbs. So weaned off of that after 4 yrs.

a year ago I began to have panic attacks to the point I could not leave my house. And even at home I felt doom and gloom. Back on lexapro which made anxiety worse. Off of meds again and since then been trying to find alternative way to feel better.

I have not had a normal period for 2 months only light spotting. My hair began shedding, short term memory loss, couldn't finish sentences, hot flashes, mood swings, insomnia. all this has been intensifying over the last 6 weeks. Than I finally found natural progesterone cream.

The first application was nothing short of a miracle. All symptoms stopped!! The relief I had from anxiety was a godsend!

Now my concern:
I took it for 21 days non stop. I ovulated while taking it about 10 days ago. I stopped taking it 2 days ago since John Lee recommend not taking it for more thn 3 wks with out a week break. My anxiety and insomnia has returned. My period is not coming for another 4 or more days. What should I do, go back on cream till period begins? Wouldn't that delay bleeding? Is it okay to take longer than 3 wks ?

I'm so glad to find this forum. Thankyou in advance for your advice.

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Oct 07, 2013
I need help on what to do on no progesterone break days!..
by: Wray

Hi Jaycee I'm not sure what progesterone cream you're using, or how much. But it appears no one gave you any advice on using it. And you're probably using the normal 20-40mg/day that's recommended. This can help in the first month or two, but thereafter it usually doesn't as Oestrogen Dominance kicks in. You should have been advised to use it daily for 2-3 months, through any bleeding, until symptoms had gone or subsided. You should also have continued using it till your period began. It's usually the last few days before a period when symptoms are worst and progesterone is needed the most. I've no idea why they told you to use if for 21 days and take a break of 1 week. This makes no sense whatsoever. We do have a page on How to use progesterone cream which explains how and when to use it. It's evident you needed it from puberty, I wish I'd known about it then too. There are many nutrients which help with depression and Anxiety. Progesterone is excellent for panic attacks. Please have a vitamin D test done, as a low level of this reduces the benefits of progesterone, plus causing anxiety. You are now in the beginning stages of Peri-menopause, such a difficult time anyway, without having all those years of adverse symptoms. Take care Wray

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