I just want the insomnia to go away--help dx me

by Lora
(East coast)

I'm near 50 and have been on synthroid for hashimoto's for over a decade. Had throid cancer 10 years ago and there is a sliver of my thyroid left.

About 4 months ago, with a period, I got insomnia that seemed to come at the onset of each period. Now they are erratic--every 20 days and then lots of spotting. Had a gyn u/s and they didn't find anything wrong. I get this is menopause in action. However, the isomnia is lasting longer and I there are some days I just can't physically get tired enough for sleep--I stay very alert and awake.

Had a 24 hour saliva cortosil test which came back in normal range. I've had some luck with kava and L-Theanine with aobut two weeks now of oral magnesium, transdermal mag and mag citrate and espom salt baths.(you can tell I'm highly motivated to get sleep)

I manage to work out (at a much lower capacity than ever) about 6 days a week. I eat a clean, low carb diet and very low sugar. However, the past several nights I got no sleep in spite of all my interventions.

Wondering about idoine? I've read so many great things about it and how most people are deficient. Granted, there is a ton of conflicting info on the use for hypo thyoid patients, but can't help but wonder if it would help?

What would you suggest considering my issues and what I've shared? Thanks so much!

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